When planning your wedding ceremony and affair, you’ll want to make sure that you capture your guests’ attention from the moment they walk in the door. A great entrance will set the tone for the entire day, all the way from the wedding ceremony to the cocktail hour to the reception. They also tend to work as great ice breakers to get people even more excited for the event ahead.

Let’s take a look below at some of the wonderful ways you can create a dazzling entrance for your wedding:

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Use Entertainment

Live entertainment never fails to be a huge crowd pleaser. Choose something that ties in well with your wedding ceremony and theme of the day. Consider fire breathers, mariachi bands or henna tattoo artists for multicultural celebrations, whereas those looking for more of a vintage feel will love the addition of a swing band or string quartet to welcome them. There are no rules when it comes to live entertainment, so choose something you think guests will be surprised and excited to see.

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Glitz and Glamor

Having lots of glitz and glamor is very on trend in 2017, so why not incorporate that into your wedding ceremony and grand entrance? For a Hollywood feel, pull out all the stops with a red carpet complete with a photographer and a custom step and repeat. Your guests will love having their moment in the spotlight upon arrival.

Luxury lighting is another surefire way to add a glitzy touch to your wedding ceremony and affair. Opulent chandeliers hanging above the entryway or a gobo wash on the walls with your custom monogram and names will no doubt have guests’ jaws dropping.

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Over the Top Florals

Beautiful floral arrangements are certainly not a new concept in the wedding industry, but they are in the midst of having a huge moment right now with couples wanting to take them to the next level for their wedding ceremony and affair. From hanging gardens cascading down from the ceiling to staircases adorned in stunning arrangements that can sometimes look more like an art installation than décor, over-the-top blooms will no doubt have guests talking for the rest of the evening.

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Creative Signage

Nearly every kind of wedding has signage these days, so if you want to welcome your guests with a written greeting, do it with style. Oversized mirrors with ornate frames and intricate calligraphy bring a more luxurious feel to the event rather than a chalkboard, while wood signs are a bit more rustic but a classic choice that never seems to go out of style.

The most important thing to remember is to ensure that your entrance is a cohesive part of the wedding and gets your guests in the mood to celebrate.

Fabrice Orlando is the CEO of Cocoon Events Management Group, a luxury event planning company based in Marrakech, Morocco that specializes in high-end weddings and special events worldwide.

Cocoon Events Management Group

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