Manage your guest list, floorplans and seating arrangements all in one place. Allseated keeps you organized while simplifying the wedding planning process.

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Wedding Planning

Allseated’s wedding planning platform offers the online collaborative tools needed to easily design floorplans, manage guest lists and timelines, generate reports, and more.

Top Wedding Venues
Near Me

If you find yourself on Google searching terms such as “Wedding Venues Near Me”, look no further. We’ve compiled a list of the best event and wedding venues in New York, Boston, Los Angeles, San Francisco, and Miami.

20 Wedding Reception
Layout Ideas

A table layout for a wedding can be easily and efficiently created using Allseated’s online wedding reception layout tools.


Allseated provides collaborative planning tools to manage the guest list, design floorplans and view in 3D, and create seating arrangements all in one place. Allseated keeps you organized, gives you a way to plan virtually, all while simplifying the wedding planning process.

Yes, you can design a wedding seating chart in Allseated! Once the event is created, floorplan is designed and RSVP’s are listed in the guest list, it’s quick and easy to seat guests at the tables in the floorplan. You can also seat guests at specific seats at tables, if desired. It’s simple to make changes, too, with all information updated in realtime.

Wedding couples can now experience their big day before it happens thanks to the first ever virtual reality tool released by Allseated. By using special virtual reality goggles, you will be able to virtually tour your 3D venue layout in a realistic simulation.

With Allseated designer tools, easily build tabletop and buffets to-scale within your wedding floorplans. Watch this quick designer tools video! With the use of the designer tools, see exactly what will fit to-scale on tabletops and buffets. Designer options currently include place settings, flowers, centerpieces, linens, and buffet pieces, with many more objects to be added soon.

Allseated provides for easy collaboration. Invite your wedding entourage into the event in Allseated for added assistance on designing your wedding reception layout and help for where to seat your guests. You can also invite your vendors into the event. Your venue contact can assist you with suggested wedding venue design layouts and the inclusion of the rest of your vendors helps to keep everyone operating on the same page and up-to-date on details.