Rainbow Room is the iconic private events space located on the 65th floor of New York City’s historic Rockefeller Plaza.

Having been a part of NYC history since 1934, this space has entertained countless guests throughout time, including celebrities like Joan Crawford, Paul McCartney, Lady Gaga, and Jimmy Fallon.”

Within the Rainbow Room facilities are four unique venues to host a variety of events: the Rainbow Room, Bar SixtyFive, the Private Dining Room, and 620 Loft and Garden.

The Rainbow Room reopened its doors for business in 2014 after a five year absence and remodeling, and is now open to the public twice a week on Monday nights for dinner and dancing and on Sundays for brunch — and hosts special private events during the rest of the week. Floor-to-ceiling windows cover three walls of the room, providing a stunning view of the NYC skyline. Curtail made of crystals hang from each window, reflecting brilliant light both day and night to create a rainbow effect. Not only does this landmarked venue have an incomparable space with striking views, it has some of the most sought-after chefs and hospitality professionals in the country and was the recent recipient of the Manhattan Hospitality Award in 2019. It’s the perfect place to host luxurious and unforgettable events including birthdays, weddings, movie premieres, fashion shows, and more.

Located on the west end of the 65th floor, adjacent to the Rainbow Room, is Bar SixtyFive, a rooftop cocktail bar that is open to the public from 4PM to midnight Monday through Fridays and 4PM to 9PM on Sundays. This Rockefeller rooftop bar boasts a 30-mile view in three directions and serves an impressive list of contemporary cocktails and fine wine. Its dining menu offers light bites as well as full two-three course meals. If you’re looking for a gorgeous rooftop event space in NYC, this is a great venue that’s available to book for semi-private, private terrace, or exclusive private events.

For more intimate private events, there’s the Private Dining Room that sits in between the Rainbow Room and Bar SixtyFive. This is a 360 square foot dining room with a capacity of about 20-30 people. With full floor-to-ceiling views on 2 sides, this room is the epitome of luxury and class.

Lastly is 620 Loft and Garden, a unique venue that features a beautiful rooftop garden with extraordinary views of Fifth Avenue and St. Patrick’s Cathedral and a classic indoor loft event space that’s entirely customizable for a one-of-a-kind event experience. 

Planning Events at the Rainbow Room Using Allseated

Whether planning an event at the Rainbow Room to host a wedding, gala, or corporate function, Allseated provides the collaborative planning tools needed to accurately and efficiently design the event layout. The Rainbow Room’s venue floorplan template is easily accessible within Allseated when setting up the event. 

The Rainbow Room’s venue floorplan template is easily accessible within Allseated when you set up your event and are ready to design the floorplan.

It’s easy and efficient to design an event floorplan to-scale for an event at the Rainbow Room using Allseated OPS collaborative event planning tools.

Rainbow Room

There are many features available when designing floorplans online using Allseated virtual event software for Rainbow Room events.

For example, Allseated online floorplan design tools allow you to:

  • Select your tables, chairs, objects, and furniture
  • Customize spacing
  • Join tables and/or knock off chairs
  • Include spacing for dance floors and entertainment areas
  • Mark exits within the layout
  • List any planning details and/or notes directly within the floorplan
  • Save favorite objects and templates for future layouts
  • Create custom groups and save to favorites
  • Upload files (including JPG, PNG, PDF) to floorplan
  • Generate a shareable link to floorplan
  • Utilize the physical distance tool to meet safety guidelines

Easily place tables, chairs, and other objects within the floorplan and virtually tour the layout at any during the planning process and make changes in realtime to ensure the floorplan meets expectations. Allseated also includes tools to manage the guest list, seating chart,  and event timeline with the ability to generate reports and design tabletops and buffets too.

Here are a few Allseated tutorials to get started:

As The Rainbow Room is equipped with Allseated Vision, it’s easy to virtually tour the event space in a photorealistic 3D view. Visitors can tour the Rainbow Room venue in 360 degrees from a variety of platforms including desktop, tablet, mobile, and VR headset. This provides enhanced interactive visualization and transports visitors into the event space no matter where they are in the world.

Allseated Technology Luncheon at Rainbow Room 

Allseated’s New York Technology Luncheon was held at the Rainbow Room to showcase  event technology innovations and introduce Allseated’s latest product, the Allseated Connect.

The Allseated Connect (which is part of Allseated Vision) is the first virtual meeting platform to bring the entire event team together for interactive tours. Using the virtual meeting platform allows you to plan events virtually, eliminating the need for onsite inspections and walkthroughs.

The Connect allows vendor teams (and clients) to virtually meet within the event space to explore the layout with access via a tablet, laptop, desktop, or VR headset. 

Here are some of the benefits of the virtual event meeting platform provided by Allseated Connect:

    • Training of remote people
    • Enhanced communication
    • Video Conferencing
    • Virtual On-site inspection
    • Remote sales
    • Operational efficiency
    • Floorplan collaboration
    • Visual Communication 

The Rainbow Room event space offered all in attendance easy sight lines to our speakers and presentations while the Manhattan skyline views from the surrounding windows were breathtaking throughout the event. With the floorplan created in Allseated, the vendor team was able to arrange the layout, see intricate details thanks to photorealistic viewing, and virtually walk the space prior to the luncheon.

Allseated made collaboration for planning the Rainbow Room event super easy and efficient, allowing each vendor to include their specific needs within the layout and for an accurate and seamless day of event setup.

It was a wonderful luncheon of sharing our latest product innovations and having the opportunity to honor our dear friend, Harriette Rose Katz.

To learn more about how Allseated can help you plan events including events at the Rainbow Room in New York City, schedule a demo.

Photo Credits: Natural Expressions NY


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