The Faena Hotel is a luxurious 5-star hotel set on 100,000 sq. ft. of pristine oceanfront. The surrounding area of the hotel makes up the Faena District, a neighborhood in the heart of Miami that’s home to the resort hotel, luxury residences, destination shopping, and remarkable multi-functional event spaces. With a large selection of venues available for bookings, this district has everything needed for social gathers and corporate events as well as intimate meetings.

About The Faena Hotel Miami Beach Venues

The Faena Hotel and its surrounding district play host to a large variety of spaces to use, from bars, balconies, private rooms, and more. Among these spaces are 12 key venues: Faena Playa, Pao by Paul Qui, Faena Theater, Faena Forum, The Living Room, Tierra Santa Studio, Faena Bazaar Rooftop, Tree of Life, Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann, Sun Bar at the Pool, La Cava, and Gitano.

Faena Playa is a venue on the beach perfect for romantic outdoor celebrations or lounging by the water. This beachfront space features complimentary chaise lounges and umbrellas, with beach butlers available to offer full food & beverage service. It’s also a great location for those with kids as it has beach toys, oceanfront games, and water activities readily available.

Pao by Paul Qui is an indoor and outdoor dining space on the second floor with cuisine that highlights Asian and Filipino flavors and a world-class wine program. An iconic golden unicorn sculpture is displayed in the center of the restaurant seating area. Its stunning outdoor terrace fits 80 guests and offers views of the pool and ocean.

Faena Theater is a space inspired by Europe’s historic opera houses with its opulent gold-leaf and red velvet décor. The Faena Theater is a grand setting to host events like live performances, weddings, dinner receptions, and product launches.

The Living Room is a lounge room furnished with sofas, carpets, and decorative light fixtures. As the name suggests, this is an extremely cozy and comfortable space that would suit relaxed social or corporate gatherings. The Living Room serves small plates, cocktails, and an array of wines to enjoy over daily live evening entertainment.

Tierra Santa Studio is a 1,000 square feet studio on the third floor of the hotel. This flexible event space provides ocean and city views and is perfect for small meetings, meals, and group gatherings.

Faena Bazaar Rooftop is on top of the Faena Bazaar shopping center within the Faena District. It features roomy interior and exterior terraces with innovative and modern architectural white panels.

Tree of Life is a vibrant and whimsical courtyard surrounding a three-story tree on the lobby level of the hotel. The hand-painted mosaic, red seat, and umbrellas, and lush tropical garden theme create this a one-of-a-kind relaxed outdoor space that welcomes you to grab a drink and relax.

Los Fuegos by Francis Mallmann is a luxurious dining space accented with red and gold located on the lobby floor of the hotel. Run by Argentina’s renowned grillmaster Francis Mallmann, the exceptional meats, fish and seasonal vegetables here are all prepared in an open-fire kitchen. Los Fuegos provides a contemporary luxury experience for up to 250 guests and offers award-winning wines in its indoor and outdoor spaces.

Sun Bar at the Pool serves a menu of grilled artisanal sandwiches, fresh salads and crudo specialties served poolside or on the beach. The Faena pool is located right on the outskirts of the beach with Pool Butlers with exceptional service and poolside cabanas for a secluded area for small groups. This picturesque setting would be the perfect place to host an al fresco reception.

La Cava is an upscale private dining room. At the center of the room is a hand-carved 22-seat private dining table by Frank Pollaro. With a magnificent collection of wine standing as the walls of the room, this intimate space is a wonderful place to host private multi-course meals and wine tastings.

Gitano is a tropical themed dining space with dark wood and greenery located in Casa Faena, a charming Spanish beachside boutique hotel. The cuisine served here is a modern take on Mexican and Mayan food and beverage that is elevated, clean, and delicious. The entire space is nothing short of a tropical oasis, comprising a main dining room, bar and lounge, and a rooftop terrace, and hosts up to 120 guests.

Faena Forum is a landmark offering a number of unique event spaces within it, including two grand Exhibit Halls that can be combined into one space, a rose marble Amphitheater with built-in seating, and five meeting rooms. The entire space accommodates up to 1,000 guests and is great for hosting trade shows, galas, artistic performances, weddings, and other private gatherings.

Planning Events at the Faena Using Allseated

Whether planning to host a wedding, musical performance, gala, or corporate meeting at one of the Faena venues, Allseated provides the collaborative planning tools needed to accurately and efficiently design the event layout. A variety of Faena’s floorplans are easily accessible within Allseated and easy to select when setting up an event. 

It’s easy and efficient to design an event floorplan to-scale for an event at the Faena. Using Allseated OPS collaborative event planning tools, work with vendor teams and clients to design the floorplan that will meet everyone’s needs on the day of the event.  

There are many features available when designing floorplans online using Allseated’s event planning software. Some floorplan design features include:

  • Selecting your tables, chairs, and other objects and place them anywhere in the venue
  • Customizing objects to your needs, such as joining tables, changing the number of chairs per table, customizing the arc of ceremony chairs, etc.
  • Setting aside space for dance floors and entertainment areas
  • Marking exits within the layout
  • Including planning details and notes directly within the floorplan
  • Saving favorite objects and templates for future layouts

Easily place tables, chairs, and other objects within the floorplan and virtually tour the layout at any time during the planning process and make changes in realtime to ensure the floorplan meets expectations. Allseated also includes tools to manage the guest list, seating chart, and event timeline with the ability to generate reports and design tabletops and buffets too.

Faena Using Allseated VISION+

Faena is also equipped with Allseated VISION+ to offer virtual venue tours. With Allseated’s virtual tour technology for venues, it’s easy to virtually tour the event space in a photorealistic 3D view. Prospective clients can tour the Faena event space in 360 degrees from a variety of platforms including desktop, tablet, and mobile, from anywhere in the world. Virtual tours of venues provide enhanced interactive visualization for client experience and the ability for venues to close more business by virtually transporting clients to their event space no matter where they are located.

Allseated VISION+ features include:

✓ 360 Venue Scanning

✓ Virtually Walk The Event Before It Actually Happens

✓ Access Across Multiple Devices

✓ Interactive Website Widget

✓ Access to Allseated OPS collaborative floorplan design tools

✓ Gamification Mobility For Enhanced Viewing

✓ Smart Floorplans

✓ Allseated CONNECT

✓ Hybrid Ready for Allseated EXVO Events

With Allseated VISION+, venues can showcase event spaces virtually while also designing event floorplans for clients to visualize what their event could look like in the space.

We spoke with Oliver Morgan, Group Sales Manager Faena Hotel Miami Beach, about how using Allseated made working with clients during the COVID-19 Pandemic easier.

“During the pandemic, we were not able to conduct in-person, on-site inspections. Getting the potential client to touch, feel, and experience the hotel is 99% of the sale so the inability to meet in person posed a problem.

Getting the first post COVID contract across the finishing line meant I needed to show exactly how we were going to execute the program without experiencing the hotel in person. Allseated is the Swiss Army knife every sales manager needs in order to quickly and easily share the vision.

The first time that I used Allseated within our sales process resulted in our first signed contract during the Pandemic.”

To learn more about how Allseated can help you plan events, schedule a demo.


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