Best Conference Center Virtual Tour Software

Conference centers need virtual tour software to provide immersive virtual experiences of their event spaces in order to boost sales and plan events.

As a technological powerhouse within the events industry, Allseated’s conference center virtual tour software gives venues, such as conference centers, the ability to showcase spaces virtually, sell remotely, and plan events collaboratively with vendor teams and clients. Conference centers using Allseated’s conference center floorplan software offer clients a fully immersive, 360-degree, virtual experience of their event space with the touch of a button.

How does Allseated Conference Center Virtual Tour Software Work?

With Allseated’s virtual tour software, venues are scanned and replicated in 3D to create a photorealistic realview of the space. This 3D replication allows clients to seamlessly walk through the virtual venue space, using the 360 degree navigation features. Prospective clients can virtually tour event spaces, while viewing life-like table layouts and arrangements to get a true feel without being there in person. This virtual capability also allows venues to show clients proposed floorplan layouts, with the ability to make changes in real-time. Clients can be transported to any space using this technology, from anywhere in the world, right at the touch of their fingertips.

Allseated has partnered with Matterport and utilizes the technology to create these digital twins of event spaces and venues. This transformative technology changes the way clients approach event planning and venue touring. Conference centers, executive offices and other venues that offer this immersive experience obtain a competitive advantage over event spaces only offering traditional, two dimensional images of their space. Allseated virtual tour software helps increase sales and secure more business. 

With Matterport’s cutting edge 3D technology software, combined with Allseated’s award winning event technology platform, venues are able to effectively showcase their offerings and close more deals with future and prospective clients.

There are so many incredible features and benefits to using Allseated’s virtual tour software for venue virtual tours.

Conference Center Virtual Tour Software Features Include:

✓ 360 Venue Scanning

✓ Virtually Walkthroughs

✓ Access Across Multiple Devices

✓ Interactive Website Widget

✓ Realtime Collaboration Links


Conference Centers using Allseated VISION+ have access to Allseated CONNECT, the first interactive meeting platform directly within an event layout.

Allseated CONNECT brings the entire event team together for virtual site inspections and floorplan tours.

✓ Easily Send Link To Share And Meet

✓ Collaborate, Speak, And Work Within A Layout (In Both 2D and 3D)

✓ No Need For Onsite Meetings

Engage Customers Remotely with Virtual Tours

Having the ability to engage customers remotely is very important. With virtual capabilities, venues can:

  • Allow customers to engage with different layouts virtually on website via widget

  • Drive more traffic and increase conversions

  • Provide interactive tours from anywhere in the world. No need for onsite or in-person meetings to book new business!

Engage Customers Remotely with Virtual Tours

The use of Allseated VISION and event planning software will help conference centers to close more business virtually and reach new markets without having to meet in person. As forward thinkers using intuitive technology, the ability to work with vendor teams and clients virtually opens up opportunities and increases sales quicker and more often than ever before.

With enhanced visualization and features that allow you to stand out from the competition, event pros can create layouts and suggest floorplans to clients during the design and planning stages. This added benefit can sell a client on an idea through the enhanced visualization available to them when collaborating within Allseated.

Interactive Website Widget

The interactive website widget helps in driving more traffic to a conference center’s event spaces. It can be quite difficult for clients to conceptualize their every want and need when planning an event. Virtual conference center touring offers enhanced interactive visualization that helps clients envision their event within the space offered. Now, clients don’t need to imagine what their event will look like, they will be able to see it before their eyes. 

Providing an immersive, interactive tool on a venue’s website opens the door to more business, and eases the process of selling venue spaces while booking more events remotely. It’s so important now more than ever to have options for virtually booking events and working with clients without meeting in person.  Virtual walkthroughs have eliminated the need to spend time and money for onsite visits,  simplifying and speeding up the planning process. 

Allseated’s conference center virtual tour technology proves to be the ultimate remote selling tool for event venues and conference centers, as clients can virtually tour and explore event spaces, allowing them to envision their event coming to life. With this next level virtual reality experience, venues will see an immediate increase in sales and return on their investment in the technology (ROI).

Not only does this breakthrough technology greatly stimulate sales growth, Allseated virtual tour software vastly improves collaborative efficiencies amongst all parties to deliver accurate event renderings. 

Send Proposed Layouts

Using the shareable link feature, it’s easy to send proposed conference center layouts to clients to showcase what their event could look like in the event space. The shareable link feature is an excellent sales tool when included with sales proposals and also a wonderful way to plan virtually with clients.

Why Use Allseated?

Allseated is the leader in event technology. From floorplan design tools to virtual tour technology, event organizers realize the benefit of the platform for improving accuracy, efficiency, ROI, and client experience. 

Including with Allseated virtual tour technology for venues is Allseated OPS. Allseated OPS event floorplan tools allow venues to design event layouts, arrange seating, manage guests and more. 

Some essential benefits of using Allseated’s event planning software when planning events include:

  • Ability to design floorplans to-scale using floorplan creator

  • 2D/3D floorplan viewing with virtual walkthrough capabilities

  • Arrange seating charts

  • Easily manage event guest list

  • Utilize virtual designer tools for tabletops and buffets

  • Generate reports

  • Manage timelines

  • Virtual walkthroughs to sell remotely

  • Book new business without onsite meetings

  • Plan virtually with clients

  • Virtually tour event spaces and layouts from anywhere

  • Collaborate in realtime

  • Increase ROI and improve operational efficiency

Allseated’s event planning software and event design tools make it easy and efficient to work with clients to design floorplans to scale, view in 2D and 3D, manage guest lists, arrange seating, virtually design tabletops, and take virtual walkthroughs of layouts to eliminate the need for onsite meetings.

Learn even more about Allseated’s floorplan design tools in this article. 

Who Uses Allseated?

Did you know that one in every ten events in America is created in the Allseated platform? As such, most venues already have their event floorplan templates uploaded into the Allseated platform.

Many conference centers are already using Allseated’s virtual tour software. The Ogden Eccles Conference Center, The Sheraton Dallas Hotel and Conference Center, and the Business Design Center are among many venues that have had great success with this Allseated technology. 


  1. Ogden Eccles Conference Center


The David Eccles Conference Center and the Historic Peery’s Egyptian Theater are located in downtown Ogden, Utah, and sit aside one another to create a fantastic space for any event. With two spacious floors and large event rooms, The David Eccles Conference Center is the perfect venue to host gatherings and events with up to 1,500 guests. This bright setting with large windowed walls showcases stunning views of the mountains, providing warm undertones throughout the building. 


2. Sheraton Dallas Hotel and Conference Center

The Sheraton Dallas Hotel and Conference center is home to a beautiful event venue, located in Dallas, Texas. With the ability to hold up to 5,000 attendees, this conference center has wonderful accommodations for large meetings, conferences, and gatherings. The trendy interior design gives that perfect modern touch. Large floor to ceiling windows and gold accents create a luxurious feel, ideal for any notable event. 


3. Business Design Centre

Established in the heart of London Borough of Islington, The Business Design Centre is a magnificent location to host a multitude of differing events. For over 160 years the Business Design Center has featured live gatherings, including conferences, exhibitions, meetings, award ceremonies and much more. The venue spaces offered are very sizable, and have conjoining rooms to accommodate a large number of attendees. The contemporary finish gives a modern feel to the space and can be transformed for each unique event.

Clients can easily tour these stunning event locations, and many others, using Allseated’s virtual tour software. Be amongst the many venues using this technology to save time, enhance client experience, and secure more business by virtually transporting clients to your venue no matter where they are in the world. Conference centers can offer clients unmatched virtual tours and planning experiences to boost sales and plan events remotely. 

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