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Should You DIY or Hire A Designer?

  Planning a wedding can be quite the undertaking. Between sourcing inspiration from Pinterest and other wedding publications, it’s certainly not a job for the busy or inexperienced! The DIY route (do-it-yourself) is a popular direction however for wedding couples who have the time and patience to design and plan their own wedding. DIY is an admirable venture […]


How To Map Out Your Event Lighting Plan

  The early stages of being engaged can be a whirlwind of emotions! As things start to settle down, it’s important to take some time to envision the wedding day of your dreams. This includes all aspects of the wedding —  from the venue, to your guest list, to your overall vision for decor and lighting. Lighting […]


Is DIY The Best Option For Your Wedding?

  Saving money always sounds like a great idea, doesn’t it? Especially when planning a wedding or large event; anything you can do for yourself (hence, the term DIY) to save money is the way to go — but is it always the best idea? DIY is all the trend right now. Make your own centerpieces! […]