Streamlining Your Event Layouts

Increased efficiency is a goal for most event professionals, as it can free up time and mental space to do more with less. For venues, in particular, it can be invaluable to utilize digital floorplan tools to streamline the process of planning and creating layouts.

Now more than ever, technology plays a major role in boosting productivity and saving time. Rather than drafting your own floorplan with paper and pencil, a digital planner is much more effective at creating measurement-specific layouts and arranging tables within the plan. Most tools also have the added benefit of being a collaborative way to connect with clients and vendor partners.

In many cases, it’s easier to showcase a digital floorplan than schedule an onsite walkthrough for everyone involved—and, even then, walkthroughs can leave clients unable to visualize how their event will play out in a space that is often empty or designed for other events.

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