Couples can now experience their wedding before it happens, thanks to the first ever virtual reality wedding tool released by event tech company AllSeated. By using special virtual reality goggles, couples, planners and other vendors can now virtually tour their future wedding, complete with furniture, in a realistic simulation.

VR is the latest in AllSeated’s tools that include scaled floorplans of tens of thousands of venues across the U.S., as well as guest lists, seating arrangements, timelines, and 3D design capabilities. The company is used in 10 percent of all events in the U.S. and has more than 100,000 users.

“Experiencing the wedding before it happens enables a much better planning process and will bring millions of engaged couples peace of mind,” said Sandy Hammer, co-founder of AllSeated.

In the next few weeks, AllSeated will be adding even more features to the virtual reality tool. Brides will be able to see their full table and buffet setup with plates, utensils and linens as well as virtually walk among their guests and see each guest’s name.

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