Game Changer: Virtual Reality

Virtual reality technology (VR) is making quite a mark on the events industry. We have watched it for a while and have witnessed its evolution from a novelty or futuristic gimmick to a legitimate and important business tool. VR strikes a chord with our visually-obsessed culture and boosts customer engagement, while also improving our services. Walking through floorplans, for example, in advance of an actual event has a positive impact on accuracy and accountability made possible by virtual reality technology.

The events industry is in the business of creating experiences and VR is revolutionizing our industry and our services.


VR is more accessible today than ever before. Many brands are coming out with VR goggle headsets which stores like Wal-Mart are beginning to carry. Facebook, a brand familiar to many, is leading the quest to bring VR to one billion people with the introduction of Oculus Go, the first standalone headset, scheduled to be released this year. The goggles have no connector wires, so the user enjoys more flexibility to use VR in a variety of contexts.

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