Expert-Approved Tips for Staying Sane While Planning Your Wedding

Brides-to-be are peppered with plenty of questions: Did you set a date? Have you found a wedding dress? Can I see your engagement ring? But perhaps the most surprising to me was the one that come from a well-meaning coworker. After taking one look at my left hand, she asked, “Isn’t wedding planning the worst? So glad to be done with that!” Her belief is one I heard repeated a few more times throughout the planning process—but putting together your dream nuptials doesn’t have to be a nightmare.

While planning a party for 150 of your nearest and dearest  is certainly a challenge, it can be a really enjoyable process (we promise!) and one you can get through without a single breakdown. (Or, at least, with just one or two mini meltdowns.) We asked two wedding planners to tell us how.

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