Event center equipped with latest technology

SHELDON—Crossroads Pavilion event center is proving to be a cutting-edge venue since opening less than a year ago.

General manager Brittany Behrendsen is taking advantage of a computer program called AllSeated to make the event planning process more efficient.

“We create a diagram we use for all different events,” Behrendsen said. “We give that to our setup and tear-down crew. Then we can decipher how many feet between each table — we e-mail it to them so they know exactly what it’s going to look like when they come in.”

An event planner can use the program to tinker with seating arrangements and designs as well.

“If they wanted to do assigned seating I can give them a certain amount of access so they can go in and either change everything themselves or just assign seats for people,” Behrendsen said. “I have had some people who have just created an AllSeated account for themselves and just played around with things.”

The indoor space is equipped with “top-of-the-line” audio/visual equipment, hidden projector screens and retractable walls that divide one big event room into three.

Behrendsen said she is plugged into the pavilion at all times. She can view security cameras and adjust the heating and cooling units with a tap on her cellphone.

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