Employ the Latest in Earpieces and Headsets

Remember Jennifer Lopez in the movie The Wedding Planner? With her ever-present ear bud and microphone, she was electronically tethered to her staff, just as real-life planners often use earpieces to keep in constant touch during an event. Similarly, security teams keep attendees safe by corresponding with colleagues via headsets. And onstage, in-ear monitors are used by singers to help keep them pitch perfect. Headset technology has come a long way, and promises to add even more to the event experience of the near future.


Global Meetings Industry Day is an opportunity to embrace how our business brings people of all cultures together for one common cause. But what about language barriers? With headset technology, French, Italian and Spanish don’t have to be Greek to you.

The airline industry has recognized the potential for enhanced communication across cultures. Air New Zealand announced late last year it would be equipping crew members with Google Pixel Buds to translate conversations with passengers in 40 languages.

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