What the Big Brands Have That You Don’t

Small business owners are always looking for inspiration and the right formula to take them from their current level to the next. The big brands of the world have mastered certain approaches to their work that have pushed them to the front of consumers’ minds. By paying attention to the big brands, you can identify best practices, adopt what works for you, and increase the power and influence of your own event business.

Big brands do it right

I watch a lot of brands, and few impress me more than Apple. The minute you walk into one of their stores, an informed greeter approaches you and asks you what you need. You are then ushered to the correct line by your knowledgeable guide, and invited to wait while watching engaging videos or playing with the many hands-on displays meant to inspire your next purchase. Ultimately, an Apple expert will join you and stay by your side until your purchase or service needs are met. The experience is personal, motivational, and kind of infectious.

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