3 Must-have Technology Tools For Wedding Planners

As wedding planners and business owners, we tend to be masters of all trades. From accounting to design to social-media management, we wear a ton of different hats each day—which is why having streamlined processes and smart technologies in place is absolutely key when it comes to growing your planning business and increasing your profits.

I look back to when we first started LVL Weddings and can’t believe the bare-bones digital diet we survived on back then. We had the basics—a website, Google, email, the Microsoft Suite, Quickbooks and online banking—but that was about it. There was no Dropbox yet, no Google Drive—and certainly no Aisle Planner or Honeybook! Tech companies weren’t paying attention to the planning industry, and we were left with antiquated systems or systems that were geared toward big businesses and far beyond our budget.

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