2019 Tech Trends

Technology continues to grow in popularity and use as more and more people become aware of what’s out there. In fact, if you’ve been to any major conference in the past several years, you surely saw a tech hub or showcase. 2018 brought us many new tech endeavors and the year ahead will surely introduce shiny updates to the technology we use every day.

Here’s a look at how tech in 2019 will push your business to the next level.

Virtual reality
In 2019, VR will only become more popular and more powerful. Oculus Quest, Oculus VR’s new and improved standalone headset, is due to hit the market in spring. With resolution of 1600×1440 per eye, its Insight technology uses four ultra-wide-angle sensors along with computer vision algorithms to keep tabs on players and the motion controllers. Samsung Vive and Lenovo Mirage Solo are just a couple of other VR headsets set to hit stores in 2019.

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