14 Incredible Women in Event Tech Talk About the Biggest Change Event Pros Will Have to Deal With in 2020

Event professionals use many different words to describer their world: Vital. Stressful. Exciting. Exhausting. Rewarding.

But one adjective they never use is “dull.” True to form, there are several big changes on the horizon for the live events industry in 2020. But is there a single “biggest change”? Here’s what 14 top event professionals had to say when asked that question.

There were several one-off answers, reflecting clear trends in the events space, such as improvement and expanding use of event mobile apps; more utilization of non-traditional venues; greater focus on diversity and inclusion; and improved measurement of event results not just during but after the event.

There may be a significant disrupting technology in the event industry, not yet on anyone’s radar, the result of thinking outside the box (or as Christy Lamagna puts it, “standing on top of the box!” to see the future). Perhaps it will be related to other answers here, like using technology to deliver 24X7 service or taking a human-centered design approach?

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