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Experts Reveal 15 Wedding Planning Tips

I’m sure you’ve heard it by now––wedding planning is a full-time job. So we asked our most trusted wedding planners for their top planning advice for brides.... Read article »


Creating Seating Charts For Clients? 3 Tips to Save You Time and Energy

With help from our friends at Allseated, we’ve gathered the top three tips to create seating charts for clients.... Read article »

The Legend of Emily Sanders

I am going to tell you a story about our company, Allseated, and explain why we not only know about the before and after, but we know a little something about how to make customers feel part of a community – and even more – we know how to make them feel as though they are an extension of our family unit and an actual part of our company.... Read article »

5 Digital Wedding Seating Chart Tools to Simplify Planning

Avoid Post-it Note chaos with these totally free resources.... Read article »

Having Trouble Organizing Your Wedding Ideas? Allseated Is the Tool You’ve Been Waiting For.

Whether it’s your seating chart, floor plan, or guest list,  Allseated is your all-in-one solution!... Read article »

AllSeated Awarded 2022 Impact Company of The Year Award

DotCom Magazine today announced that The AllSeated has been selected to join its annual Impact Company of The Year List For 2022.... Read article »

Top 5 Tech Startups in the Metaverse to Watch in 2022

In 2022, tech startups in the metaverse keep increasing in number. At Evolvera, we have identified 5 of the most innovative and exciting startups in the metaverse space.... Read article »


3 Easy Ways to Plan Your Wedding Using Allseated

Looking for a tool to help organize your wedding day plans? Check out the features of Allseated — handle your guest list, seating chart, room layout and more.... Read article »

Smart Tech: Room Diagramming Software Demystified

In addition to some internal reports on the state of the room diagramming market, they were prepared to give me full editorial authority to publish an unbiased publicversion of the report, so that planners could benefit from the research as well. I’m pleased to announce that after weeks of demos, research, and countless communications with the top players in the market, Smart Meetings has agreed to publish the results of my analysis.... Read article »

The Complete Guide to Planning a Wedding

Here are our 42 top tips for how to plan your wedding, from getting organized to traversing the legal framework of a vendor contract to maintaining your mental sanity.... Read article »

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