Let’s give a round of applause to this year’s ACE Award nominees!

Without any further ado, please congratulate your 2022 ACE Awards nominees!

Covid-19 has made getting together for social occasions difficult for many of us in recent years. But there’s one place where you’re guaranteed to be completely safe – a place that’s exploded in popularity since the pandemic struck.

Metaverse events allow attendees to meet online in an embodied, 3D form. 

Allseated won two awards in the Bizbash Event Experience Awards 2021.

Our wish for 2022 is that all virtual events incorporate a little more “wow.” These two creative programs could be a roadmap for doing just that.

Allseated invested in the metaverse by creating virtual versions of real-world event spaces like the Plaza Hotel in New York.

The virtual venue is one of the most important decisions you can make for your long-term event strategy. That’s why we carefully followed all the new players in the event platform field. The result? A list of best event platforms to use in 2022!

Allseated EXVO was designed from the start as an engagement engine driving the return on objectives for planners’ goals. 

The metaverse is here. And people are really, really excited about it.

Allseated EXVO wins ‘Best New Event Technology Product’ and ‘Best Virtual Event Platform (under 1,000 attendees)’at the renowned Event Technology Awards (ETA) 2021

These companies are making an impact in their industries and are NextGen in terms of product, platform, and service. In this interview, I had the pleasure to talk to Yaron Lipshitz, CEO of Allseated.

Allseated EXVO won two categories in the Event Technology Awards 2021!

Built by Allseated EXVO, it marks the American 3D virtual event platform’s debut in Asia, as part of a tripartite collaboration with WiT and the adventure park.

Top event designers share their biggest predictions and favorite trends for the year ahead.

EXVO is a finalist for the Event Technology Awards 2021.

With new digital platforms such as Allseated, it is possible to easily create interactive conventions with complete floor plans, meeting halls, and more.

A leading 3D virtual hybrid event platform Allseated exVo entered into a partnership with the Kennedy Center for its biggest annual fundraiser, the Kennedy Center Honors.

Allseated offered exVo, a virtual world based on Vision and the 3D models of the venues, giving its customers the tools to create virtual or hybrid events.

Companies such as Allseated, have also seen the power and potential of virtual events first hand.

We’re thrilled to share the full shortlist for the inaugural micebook V Awards.

In lieu of attending The MPI Foundation Rendezvous fundraiser, Digital Experience participants held a WEC Digital After Party using the Allseated virtual world platform.

Allseated’s new virtual event platform, exVo, is an immersive 3D platform that aims to give attendees more control over their event experience. Here is our review.

This is the list of all winners for the 11th edition of the Global Eventex Awards. All winners have been chosen among a total of 561 entries from 37 countries from around the world.

Many office workers will be thinking they’ve never had it so good, working at home with all the comforts that come with it.

Guests at the MPSE Golden Reel Awards created their avatars as they entered the virtual event.

Technology will remain a high priority in 2021, here’s what you need to know.

Meetings industry influencers are taking roles with technology companies. Will the trend bring planners and tech closer together, and ultimately benefit live events?

This is the shortlist of all finalists for the 11th edition of the Global Eventex Awards, chosen among a total of 561 entries from 37 countries from around the world.

Last month, on International Women’s Day, we shared our list of 21 influential women in the events world to follow for education and inspiration.

Are you in the real world or the virtual? Allseated’s latest innovation, exVo, is a virtual event platform that creates parallel worlds that are hard to tell apart!

Planning a virtual event and not sure where to begin? Consider this list of virtual event platforms your perfect starting point.

We are on a journey and we work with the future of technology, and adapt it for the market. We watch, we learn and we execute!

After years of putting on a business suit and trying to find comfortable dress shoes to walk around big conferences, it was a joy to attend one in a dress shirt, gym shorts, and bare feet—and still come away with meaningful networking exchanges and new business prospects.

As virtual meetings have become the norm, innovative software developers are pushing the technology forward in some amazing ways. Online gatherings are no longer limited to team meetings and webinars using same old video calling tools.

Zoom boxes may be ubiquitous, but they are not the only choice. With more hundreds of platforms out there and more being launched every week, planners are finding that they can mix and match to meet their specific event goals. Here are a few to add to the short list.

Imagine a conference venue event with 500 people in attendance. Why shouldn’t another 5,000 people be able to attend this event virtually while having the same experience?

Building software to host a virtual event poses a million questions, many of them hoping to address the user experience. And the exhibitor experience. How to keep people engaged, how to keep them from being bored, how to have conversations, how to connect, how to give keynotes.

Natasha Miller is the CEO of San Francisco-based Entire Productions and has produced events for brands such as Uber, Google, Netflix, and more. In addition to live event production services, Miller’s agency also offers event marketing, entertainment management, and virtual event production.

On, we recently rounded up 15 tech tools that can help bring back live events—from solutions for virtual queuing and contact tracing to social distancing-enforcing wristbands and even robots.