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Welcome to Allseated Exchange. Learn what’s next for event design with event industry change agents. This season focuses on helping event professionals prepare for hybrid events. In this podcast summary, we’re visiting with change agent, Will Curran, Chief Event Einstein, Endless Events.

Are most planners correctly prepared for the level of hybrid experience attendees will demand?

Maybe, but probably not. I think there’s a lot of work to be done, says Curran. There’s a lot of energy and excitement. There’s a lot of “yeah, we’re going to totally do this,” but then “no, what are we doing?” or they have the knowledge, but then chose not to implement it, says Curran.

“Start to feel comfortable with broadcast and virtual hybrid, and then the metaverse is going to come. This always is going to happen over the lifecycle of an industry. One of the biggest things is you can’t settle.”

According to Curran, the main thing stopping planners is exhaustion. The role of the planner has constantly gotten bigger and bigger and more intense [requiring more skill sets]. It isn’t getting delegated to additional positions. Your job role just keeps getting longer and longer and longer, without the build to execute, he explains.

Events are going to continue changing.

Events are always going to be events, but the way they’re delivered, how they’re experienced will change. Get used to making the switch as the changes come.

The switch is going to happen again at some point in the future of the events industry. We’re going to have this point where everyone can start to feel comfortable with broadcast and virtual hybrid, and then the metaverse is going to come. This always is going to happen over the lifecycle of an industry. One of the biggest things is you can’t settle, explains Curran.

So, when you start to build out a dream team of people around you to focus on these things, it allows you to make these pivots a little bit faster too. Be on top of everything, look at everything. Be always looking for that next big thing.


Education never stops. With the tools and technology that are available, it’s easier to educate yourself now than ever before. In the events industry, it’s incredibly easy to approach the people with the most knowledge. We’re one of the most giving industries when it comes to sharing knowledge.

Time and Money

Find ways save time and increase your budget. I think those are the two biggest concerns you ever hear out of any planner. And if you find that time is your biggest enemy, you should be learning everything you can to save time. Another challenge is budgets. One way to ease that pain is figuring out ways to help them find more money. We can definitely be advocates for increasing budgets. You should be doing everything can to increase that budget. That sometimes means being the annoying person that’s constantly asking. I think settling for the complacency and not trying to improve from it is really what’s going to get you stuck, feeling hopeless, says Curran.

Lightning Round

Why do you enjoy working in events?

Curran: The nod. Every time, once a party or once an event, or something that someone comes up and says, thanks for doing this. I really appreciate this. This changed my life. They nod, and I nod back.

What’s your superpower that you apply to your role?

Curran: I can think insanely fast compared to most people.

What’s your favorite city you’ve visited?

Curran: Dublin if we had to pick a city versus a town. I’m a huge Ireland fan.

What’s an event planner’s greatest strength?

Curran: To be so full of stress and take anything you throw at them, and they’ll just say, yes, I’ll figure it out.

What’s an event planner’s greatest weakness?

Curran: Being too proud of the fact that they’re overwhelmed.

Outside of events, what’s the topic that planners should study to be stronger?

Curran: Cybersecurity. I think it’s an area that a lot of people kind of just gloss over.

What can planners do to increase their value?

Curran: Specialize in one piece of the event, really, really well. And then build a team around them to do those other things they aren’t good at.

What’s the change you most want to see come to events?

Curran: Better work-life balance.

Fill in this blank. The best events …

Curran:  are fun.

What’s the secret to your success that anyone could do if they worked at it?

Curran: Give, give, give your knowledge away.

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Guest Bio – Will Curran

Will Curran, the founder of Endless Events, is one of the most influential people in the meeting and events industry, one of the 40 under 40 event industry leaders, 35 entrepreneurs under the age of 35, and Inc Magazine’s Coolest College Start-up all before graduating college. Will has been producing in-person and virtual events since high school when he started his first company. He has worked with large clients including Emerald City Comicon, Anheuser-Busch, Warner Brothers, Morton Salt, and Uber.

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