Allseated’s Event Metaverse

Allseated is expanding EXVO to create a community space for the events industry. Long considered an educational platform, EXVO is the industry-leading solution for people to gather in virtual and hybrid events and learn from teachers around the world.

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We Are Giving Back To Our Community By Creating A Space To Gather, Network & Learn

Think of EXVO HOME as a virtual space where events industry leaders network and teach. With some of the best-known names in the industry, Allseated will provide space for the growing community of innovators, change agents, and more events industry professionals passionate about teaching and giving back.
Share what's important to you. Create your own space and collaborate with like-minded people. Do more than deliver and consume passive content. Participate in shared experiences. Build lasting relationships. Enjoy an in-person experience in an immersive, interactive 3D virtual community.


Build Your Community in EXVO

Have creative flexibility in designing your space:

✓  Choose from a variety of venue models, floorplans, and speaker stage options
✓  Add digital branding: live/on-demand media activations, multimedia hosting, and sponsor signage
✓  Integrate community member content including live stream, video, and slide shows
✓  Interact through a user-friendly interface
✓  Include 1-on-1, group conversation, and instant messaging
✓  Store your digital assets in an NFT library
✓  Gather real-time data to better understand community members and improve their experience

"Communities already exist. We don’t need to build community. We need to create a space where that community can exist and feel free to coexist."

-Carla Zanoni, Director of Audience Development, TED Conferences, said during a session hosted by EXVO.

Allseated EXVO HOME

Bring the in-person experience to your virtual community.
Welcome to Allseated's metaverse.

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