The Bridal Society Holds 2021 Wedding Planner Summit Virtually

The Bridal Society, the largest wedding planner membership and leading certification program in the world, partnered Allseated EXVO to deliver its 2021 summit, connecting members across the globe.


attendance rate


engaged in conversation


engaged with content


The Bridal Society needed more flexibility in sharing information with members and a natural way for members to connect with each other, providing the feeling of togetherness.

  • Allow society members to meet safely and talk.
  • Creatively deliver content for 26 educational components to provide membership benefit information.
  • Offer a solution that mimics the experience of a traditional event.


Networking. Content delivery. Interactive activities. Society members explored, connected and shared in a fun, 3D virtual environment.

  • EXVO provided a 3D virtual event space where members could safely talk when and where they wished, including breakout rooms for members by region and rooms for introverts.
  • The venue included speaker walls to deliver pre-recorded content, podiums with downloadable content and interactive team building activities including a scavenger hunt and a murder mystery game.
  • Participants enjoyed experiences comparable to physically attending an event.

Met or exceeded attendance expectations

Found planning process easy and fun

Accomplished main event objective

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“My experience with EXVO from beginning to end was excellent. The training was excellent and when it came time to get the event up and running, I loved that we were allowed to go in there and get familiar with the program ourselves. The EXVO team, the technical support was so helpful. The entire event itself was just fun. It provided a really unique way for us to get together without having to be in-person, but it felt like we were all together. It was a really great experience.”

Laurie Hartwell,

Founder & CEO, The Bridal Society