SENS Delivers Its 2022 Donors Appreciation Event Through Allseated EXVO

SENS Research Foundation is working to develop new biotechnologies to address the diseases and disabilities of aging by comprehensively repairing the damage that builds up in our bodies over time at a cellular and molecular level. During its 2022 donor appreciation meeting, held January 15th over two sessions, donors met and mingled with each other and SRF senior staff, learning about the latest developments and how donations support the foundation’s efforts.


Attendees Engaged 

in Conversation


Booth Interactions

18 Min

Average Duration 

of Conversations


Create a right-there-with-you, in-person experience delivered virtually.
  • Provide effective, face-to-face group conversations allowing participants to talk seamlessly, naturally.
  • Make people feel like they’re together in the same place.
  • Offer a high level of creative flexibility to provide a space that feels real.


Easy group communication. Sense of togetherness. Enhanced experience. EXVO met and exceeded SRF expectations.

  • EXVO facilitated effective group conversations, providing a solution that felt incredibly close to physically being there, which other technology platforms couldn’t deliver.
  • The natural, easy way participants could communicate combined with the realism of the virtual environment gave the feeling of being together. The venue included:

    · Space for networking

    · Booths for providing different types of interactive digital content along with the ability to make donations and purchases in the venue

    · VIP room for the major donors and SRF board of directors

  • EXVO’s wide range of customization options allowed SRF to expand beyond what would’ve been logistically feasible if delivering the event on site.

Met or exceeded attendance expectations

Found planning process easy and fun

Accomplished main event objective

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“Our experience with Allseated and EXVO was fun, rich and exciting, many of our attendees commented that this event was the best virtual experience they ever had and the closest to having met in person. The EXVO team was incredibly professional. Everything the designers added, every change they made, we couldn’t have imagined better. It’s one of the few experiences organizing events where we have no complaints.”

Maria Entraigues Abramson,

Director of Outreach, SENS Research Foundation