7-Eleven’s 2021 CEO Summit - Transformation Through Innovation

CEOs from 18 countries shared their respective best practices during 7-Eleven’s 2021 CEO Summit – Transformation Through Innovation. The organization partnered with Allseated EXVO to deliver its first virtual event.


attended main stage presentation


Engaged with content


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7-Eleven had unique, technically complex, logistically difficult requirements that would have been much more difficult, costly and arguably impossible to pull off successfully through another virtual platform provider or to deliver onsite.

  • Allow CEOs to connect effectively across multiple languages and time zones.
  • Give participants in China access to the event (couldn’t access because of country’s firewall). Access required a VPN routed outside the country.
  • Help CEOs “Feel” like they’re in-person. They wanted to network and connect like they normally would at a traditional onsite event.
  • Have an easy-to-use interface for both tech-savy and non-tech savy attendees to navigate easily.


Easy access. Delivering content across multiple timezones and languages. In-person experience. Easy to use. Allseated EXVO provided solutions for all 7-Eleven’s needs.

  • The event offered content over two days and interactive exhibit booths with more information accessible for 30 days.
  • EXVO created a custom solution so attendees in China could participate.
  • CEOs could access content, network (7-Eleven had language translators at the event)and explore like they were attending an in-person event.
  • Participants easily navigated with a simple, user-friendly interface allowing them to explore, connect, share, and feel right at home, experiencing everything they love about in-person events in their virtual venue.

Met or exceeded attendance expectations

Found planning process easy and fun

Accomplished main event objective

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“It’s amazing how innovation and technology allowed us to all be here together.”

Sam Pesek,

Sr. Regional Director 7-Eleven, Inc.