While virtual events and conferences will never replace the live event experience, there are many benefits to hosting virtual and hybrid events. In fact, even as the industries continue to open up and return to live events, virtual event options are here to stay.


The goal of virtual events and virtual conferences should be to replicate the feelings of in-person connections, and with exVo, that’s now possible.


exVo, Allseated’s innovative virtual event platform,  is the next generation of Expos, Meetings and Events. exVo brings a new dimension to events with a fun and stable platform that allows attendees to be truly engaged. 


exVo empowers events to have unparalleled interaction between virtual attendees, exhibitors, speakers, and sponsors. The virtual event space feels real and adds a level of excitement for attendees, allowing them to navigate and explore as they like – virtually. 

Here are 10 reasons you’ll love exVo, Allseated’s innovative virtual event platform:


Networking is Natural

It’s easy and natural to network with others in exVo. Attendees can move around the virtual event space and interact with other attendees easily by video conference. Event attendees often forget that they are in the virtual world because the interaction flows and feels very much like an in-person event. Connections are easy to make which is one of the main keys of a successful virtual event.


Interactive Experiences

In addition to attendees being fully interactive and able to start chats with all in attendance either individually or in groups, event organizers can engage attendees by providing breakout sessions, interviews, presentations, and Q&A sessions. Audience engagement is key to the success of an event — exVo makes it easy.

Hybrid Event Opportunities

The ability to offer a virtual extension to a live event is critical to the success of in-person events moving forward.


Take customer experience to the next level by immersing attendees in a completely interactive, hybrid event.


exVo has given the event industry back mobility by allowing every visitor and exhibitor to navigate freely as an avatar through the digital twin of the event venue. The photorealistic 3D model of the venue and the possibility to interact at any time via video conferencing or chat recreates the live event atmosphere.

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Expand An Event’s Reach

exVo allows for both in-person and virtual attendees which increases the total number of visitors able to attend an event. When the same live event can have a virtual component (hybrid!), audiences are substantially increased for pennies on the dollar. This translates into more business. With the ability to join virtually from anywhere, exhibitors are able to connect with attendees for one-on-one conversations which increases opportunities and leads.

Security in Planning Process

Are you planning to host an in-person event but are afraid you might have to cancel? exVo solves the uncertainty in planning right now by giving you that security in your planning process. The virtual world of exVo provides a hybrid solution by offering a twin world of the live event but can also replace the live event at any time which provides enhanced planning security during this uncertain time.


Customization and Branding

The exVo platform includes fully customizable branding capabilities.


Logos can be prominently featured on an endless variety of locations within the environment

Feature event sponsors and partners through use of brand logos and signs on banners, booths, panels, and more.


Sponsors and exhibitors are able to design their own virtual booths to showcase products, play videos, and interact with booth visitors. Customize your virtual event by creating personalized, branded, trade show booths, signage, and attendee schedule.


To provide additional inspo, Kristin Banta of Kristin Banta Events recently gave us a tour of some of her favorite virtual event designs and shared insights into how the virtual event designs came about during a recent interactive webinar session.

Creating an exciting and memorable experience for all participants is easy!


“You can either pick from any of the templates for stages, exhibit booths, and the virtual “brick and mortar” locations, but you can custom build anything you want beyond that. Branding is easy. Customization is simple.” – Dave Merrell



exVo has full analytical capabilities. Anyone attending can be tracked on EVERYTHING they do. Who did they talk to? What exhibits/events did they attend? How long did they stay? This valuable set of analytical tools are not easily available for live events and will help understand the audience more and what they want.


Cost Savings

While virtual productions are not cheap, and in fact, in some cases, it is necessary to increase the AV budgets, there is likely still a cost savings when producing a virtual event. Virtual events save on hotel, travel and food budgets which more than compensate for the cost of the virtual event. Overall, a complete change to virtual events can ultimately save a lot of money.


Easy To Use

exVo has been built from the ground up to be easy to use with game-like interface and design. All attendees, regardless of tech know-how, will be able to navigate through the experience. Anytime there is a question, exVo is supported by exceptional 24/7 live chat support.

Unlimited Opportunities

“Because exVo is an entirely immersive experience, much like a video game, it compels guests to stay involved. It’s a virtual world that runs completely parallel to the real world. The big difference with exVo is that it legitimately satisfies all the goals of a live event. It can be impactful, engaging, memorable, and can completely represent your brand, products, and messaging. Every opportunity that a sponsor or stakeholder needs to be involved in exists within the platform.” – David Merrell


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Virtual events in exVo are an intuitive experience that allows everyone to do business the way they already know how to – the human way. Because of this, the opportunities are endless.

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