Clients, planners, and venue managers know just how much a standout location matters for a truly successful function. Halfway through 2019, we now look into the trends shaping the industry, and share some ideas that will help make your event venue stand out in 2020.

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Unexpected venues

When it comes to event venues, t’s time to think outside the ballroom. For 2020, expect the unexpected – parking garages, industrial warehouses, airport tarmacs and rustic countryside barns.

There is a growing demand for unique and non-traditional event venues that, just by their location, suggest a one-of-a-kind experience. Having your event at a place where attendees have never seen or been to can already make you stand out, even as a detail on the invitation.

How to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out in 2020

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For product launches, donation drives, or company events, consider the airport hangar as your venue. Its large floor area, high ceilings, and storied space can accommodate a larger crowd, and the parked airplanes at the tarmac are great conversation starters.

Planning a wedding? Book a winery for your reception venue. According to BBJ Linen’s article about romantic weddings, aging wood casks and metallic barrels and pipes serve as a spectacular and unique setting when tying the knot.

Tip: Local or community airports where passenger traffic is low are your best bet when organizing an event at the airport. Fewer flights also mean less takeoff or landing noise that could impact your event.

To maximize the event venue space, consider dividing the hangar into unique zones: a food station in one corner, another for open mic singing, and perhaps a photo booth area where parked planes double as a background.

Make it easy to connect

Great events are always worth talking about. In 2020, people expect event venues to already have secure and seamless Wi-Fi connection – whether it’s for a wedding where guests can upload snaps of the ceremony on Facebook; or the hundreds of delegates to a business conference who need to stay connected via email.

Offering free, fast and reliable Internet access is a unique selling point that sets a location apart from others. For venue managers, this means investing in modern wireless network that takes into consideration the size of your space, the number of people who will access your network, and of course, your budget allocation.

Tip: Opt for a short, memorable hashtag attendees can use when posting about the event on social media. You can display the hashtag in a welcome board, or include it in your photo prints or program handouts.

Apart from fast Internet connection, event planners need to make sure there is proper lighting installed. Make sure to visit the space together with the venue manager so you can talk about lighting, and see if you’ll need to supplement it.

Themed events

How to Make Your Event Venue Stand Out in 2020

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Gone are the days when a company’s Christmas dinner simply meant booking a table at the restaurant, showing up, and then having a few drinks. Today’s events demand a degree of creativity, and digging into the past for design inspiration is one of the ways to satisfy it.

If you’re part of the organizing committee for a year-end party, you can turn your event venue into a 70s-inspired space. Incorporate psychedelic floral prints, earthy bohemian aesthetics, and whimsical chairs for a touch of nostalgia that will inspire your attendees to dress in their best Retro outfit.

For more formal events like recognition awards, consider an elegant, Great-Gatsby-inspired affair, with gold-gilded Art Deco accent, lacquered furniture and geometric patterns that will make your employees feel like a true winner.

Impress with amenities

A truly outstanding event venue should have no problem attracting attendees. But to keep them coming back takes ingenuity.

Whether it’s a small business meeting or a glamorous gala, having additional amenities can help your venue stand out. For smaller functions, food and beverage stations – like a coffee stall for tasting and roasting demonstrations – convey creativity and thoughtfulness to your attendees.

Do you want to go the extra mile? Consider offering a room or facility that also doubles as a kid’s daycare are. In 2020, expect event venues to provide in-house or affiliate childcare services that allow parents and guardians to more fully participate in a conference, training, or meeting.

Tip: The best event planners have the ability to anticipate the needs of their clients. If you’re just getting your feet wet, think about what your clients are looking for in a venue. Market the space according to their needs – whether as a modern function hall that is well-equipped for corporate clients; or, a traditional yet flexible ballroom for weddings and family celebrations.

When it comes to organizing events, venues will play an even bigger role next year. To make your location stand out, make sure that modern services are available: reliable Wi-Fi connection, scalable rooms, adjustable lighting, and flexible staff support. This way, your event’s only limit is your imagination.

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