Top event planner companies understand that digital planning tools are a must for event professionals today who are looking to streamline their planning processes with operational efficiency and real-time collaboration while providing a digital way to work with today’s client.

The right technologies can offer an event management company many benefits including:

  • Improved collaboration while ensuring that your team works together in harmony without duplicating efforts.
  • Reduced stress and increased efficiency when planning and management efficiency. This puts the main focus on accomplishing priority goals.

There are several areas where technology can be used by an event management company.

Collaborative Design

There are tons of moving pieces when it comes to your event’s physical design – from designing floorplans and seating arrangements to the keeping track of the latest files and deadlines.

Allseated provides top event planner companies with a collaborative environment for working with vendor teams and clients in real time throughout the planning process. Collaborate on various planning tasks such as guest list, floorplans, seating arrangements, timelines, and more, keeping all details and information organized and available in one place.

Allseated’s floorplan tools offer life-like viewing of floorplan diagram layouts which effectively help to display the event’s logistics, flow and set-up. When using Allseated’s floorplan tools, you gain a clear, concise picture of the event before it even happens which gives everyone involved in the planning of an event the opportunity to envision the flow of the floorplan. If changes are needed, they are discovered during this part of the planning stage so that they are handled in advance of the event.

In addition to using Allseated’s digital planning tools, most planners we know swear by project management tools, to manage every process step and to-do list. Another way to save your sanity as an event management company is to keep all files centrally located in a cloud-based asset storage platform so that they can be accessed anywhere, by anyone.

Remove The Chance Of Error

Everyone wants a seamless event set up and execution, right? With to-scale diagrams, virtual walkthrough capabilities, and enhanced visualization, top event planner companies find that using the right technologies, such as Allseated, removes the chance of error on the day of an event. Reviewing layouts in advance, going over details virtually, and the accuracy of to-scale floorplans makes the day of event set up and execution seamless.

Check-In & Registration

Technology tools for an event management company support everything registration-related, including designing and sending branded, professional-looking email invitations, managing RSVPs and guest lists, and even facilitating the on-site check-in process and name badge printing. Technology eliminates the stress of managing VIP experiences, like coordinating tasks and to-dos surrounding arrivals, ticketing, logistics, special event attendance sign-up and tracking and more.

Event management companies love to use Allseated for the event check-in software made available by Allseated’s Day of Mobile Check In App. Allseated’s Day-Of Mobile App for tablets offers a mobile check-in system including:

  • Ability to view floorplan diagrams in both 2D and 3D
  • Access to master seating chart
  • Realtime collaboration
  • Live check-in updates
  • Overview of check-in status

Having access to the floorplan onsite allows vendors to view the layout along with the seating chart during set up while also giving a planner, for example, the ability to digitally check guests into the event. When checking guests in, the event check-in software will also allow you to tell a guest where they will be seating while also helping to keep track of who is in attendance. The Allseated Day Of Mobile App makes the process of checking in guests simple, organized, and efficient.

Allseated is mobile

Engagement Activations

Keep event attendees engaged through technology-based engagement activations. For example, an event management company, as well as many planners are turning to VR and AR to enhance the event experience. Through VR technology, planners can now “see” a venue before it’s even booked. AR adds digital overlays and effects for guests to interact with – whether that’s a fun event-specific SnapChat Filter or AR-enhanced décor that reveals surprise elements.

With Allseated’s virtual reality technology, the Allseated Vision, venues can transport their vendor teams and clients to their event space from anywhere in the world. There’s no need to wait for clients to come to you to tour your event space. Venues can be taken on the go with the Oculus Go VR Headset. Virtually show off your venue at exhibition stands, conferences, networking events, and appointments. Always have your venue with you, 24/7.

Allseated Vision

Allseated Vision Floorplan / Crystal Springs

As part of Allseated’s Vision product, the Allseated Connect is the first virtual meeting platform that brings the entire event team together for interactive onsite tours. Virtually meet within the event space to explore the layout (with access via tablet, laptop, desktop, or VR headset) from anywhere in the world, eliminating the need for in person site inspections and walkthroughs. There’s no longer a need to schedule in person meetings and walk throughs as it can all be done virtually, together, regardless of where your team, or clients, are located.

Easily collaborate together on layouts, make changes based upon virtual conversations, review day of set, safety procedures, and anything else you would normally do in person.

The use of event technology and VR technology will boost sales capabilities, maximize time savings, and simplify processes while collaborating in realtime to deliver accurate layouts.

As an event management company, embracing event technology in any or all of these areas, you’ll be well on your way to saving your event from preventable slip-ups.

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!

Allseated Vision

Showcase your venue in Allseated's life-like, immersive, virtual reality technology which truly brings your property to life. Our VR uses 360 diagramming and is a genuine virtual reality tool that is able to bring venues the biggest ROI in the history of event technology!

Create Awesome Floorplans in Minutes!

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