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A great way for companies to engage with their employees and clients is through hosting corporate events at corporate party venues.

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Intro To Corporate Party Venues

With many companies working remotely, communication is easy using online collaboration tools and platforms. However, nothing replaces the in-person experience. It’s undeniable that the in-person experience is best for interactions, networking, and engagement.

A great way for companies to engage with their employees and clients is through hosting corporate events at corporate party venues. Conferences, product launches, appreciation dinners, networking luncheons, corporate holiday parties, and award ceremonies are just some examples of corporate events.

Selecting the right corporate party venue for a corporate event can be daunting. Though virtual venue tours are making the process easier (which we will address later on in this article!), we have gathered other tips and factors to consider when selecting the right venue to meet your needs.

How to Choose a Party Venue For Corporate Events

There are many details that are important to consider when choosing a party venue for any event, but especially for corporate events, where companies could be working with a restricted budget.

Discuss the following with your event team before selecting an event venue:

  • What is the event budget?
  • How many attendees are you expecting to invite?
  • Where are attendees traveling from?
  • Will your company be providing travel and stay accommodations for the guests?
  • Do you already have a venue in mind for the event?
  • What is the venue’s capacity and is it within your budget?
  • What is the theme of the event?
  • Are there any company restrictions to be aware of?
  • Is there a budget for decor?

Who should you be speaking to about the corporate event to determine the event guest list? It’s critical to have this important conversation with the right people internally at the start of the planning process regarding who needs an invite. You don’t want to build the guest list and think you are finished only to learn later on that you missed a few key people who need an invite.

If you are set on a specific corporate event venue, the capacity and cost may help you to determine your guest list count. If you are open to venue selection, once you have the established guest list and budget, you can then begin to narrow down your venue choices based on your needs.

It’s also critical to factor in location and accessibility as it relates to attendees when selecting an event venue. It is so important to consider where guests will be coming from and consider the option to provide company transportation as needed. When examining the guest list, a centrally located venue or venue that is most accessible to all may prove to be the best option.

If considering a venue that’s further away from attendees, remember to consider other travel needs and expenses. Things like direct flight options, local hotel accommodations, and passport requirements should all play a role in the event venue selection process.

Aside from understanding the needs of attending guests, it’s also important to determine the specifications needed to execute the event vision. For example, if the event will be a dinner party with speakers and awards, it might be necessary to think about the proper equipment (audiovisual) and space that would be needed to set up a stage in front of some banquet tables.

Also important to note is the season and time of year that you are planning your corporate event, and if this will factor into the event. For example, outdoor locations are ideal for spring and summertime.

Corporate Party Venue Budget

A common question when planning an event is, “how much does it cost to rent a corporate party venue?”

Once you have a budget established, one of the most critical factors for selecting a corporate party venue is the venue cost. Although the exact cost of renting a venue space will vary depending on size, location, and other various factors, the estimated cost can be anywhere from $50 to $1,000 per hour of event time.

Additionally, there are options to rent out rooms for a specific duration of time, for a set fee. On the low end, small meeting rooms can cost around $250 for the day, or upwards of $700 for more expensive event spaces.

For larger spaces, the cost per day can range from $1,000 to upwards of $5,000 or more.

Additionally, the cost of food and beverages must be considered. Is it included in the venue price? Is catering extra? Do they have in-house catering or do you need to hire an outside caterer for your event?

Questions to Ask When Booking a Party Venue

There are many important questions to ask during your meeting with a venue.

Here are some questions to ask when booking an event venue:

Does the venue space offer catering options or will you have to provide a catering service? Is there a spending minimum?

Are there any hidden costs that aren’t apparent when booking?

Is there a furniture rental fee? Do you have to provide your own furniture? Does the venue space offer audiovisual equipment and is it included in the rental price? There may also be registration and ticketing fees, or the need to hire additional help when setting up the space.

To truly determine an accurate cost of renting a venue space, It’s important to know how many people will be on your corporate event guest list and how many you expect in attendance in order to determine if the corporate event venue you look to select can accommodate your needs.

Some venues are larger/smaller than others. A guest list (which you easily store and manage within your Allseated account) will assist you in understanding your guest count at all times which will help you to narrow down your venue choices.

How to Reserve a Party Venue in Various Cities

Once you have decided on the perfect location for your event, it’s easy today to view venues online and take virtual tours of the event spaces on websites.

One of the best benefits of virtual venue tours is being able to tour event spaces from anywhere in the world. Visualizing an event is one of the trickiest tasks in the event planning process, especially if you are unable to see the venue in person. Being able to virtually step inside a venue’s event space allows you to envision your event coming to life and helps you pick a space that will be perfect for your event. 

With Allseated’s VISION and VISION+ virtual venue tours, many venues are able to showcase their event spaces for prospective clients which allows people from anywhere in the world to get a real feel for the venue without meeting in person. For a corporate event, this significantly helps the planning budget to save money on travel for onsite tours and walkthroughs.

One of the best benefits of virtual venue tours is being able to tour event spaces from anywhere in the world. Visualizing an event is one of the trickiest tasks in the event planning process, especially if you are unable to see the venue in person. Being able to virtually step inside a venue’s event space allows you to envision your event coming to life and helps you pick a space that will be perfect for your event. 

How to Reserve a Party Venue in NYC

In large cities such as New York City, Los Angeles, and Chicago there are some things you should consider when reserving a venue that may not be so apparent when planning a corporate event.

For hosting events at specific locations such as beaches, outdoor public areas, parks, recreation centers etc. there may be the need to acquire a permit per state or city laws. Some different permits that may be required depending on where the corporate party is held are: 

  • Noise permit. Events that are held outside often require securing a noise permit.
  • Fire/Fireworks Permit
  • Health Permit
  • Business license.
  • Building permit (tents)
  • Temporary Use and Structure Permit
  • Event Permit
  • Alcohol license
  • Premises License

Before securing an event space, consider if you or the venue needs to take additional steps to ensure you can bring your event to life.

Also, consider other outdoor events and activities that add to the appeal of your corporate event. New York City offers amazing sights and events that you can incorporate into your party, like dinner and show at the theater. 

Below are a few beautiful event venues in NYC to consider for a corporate event. These venues utilize Allseated virtual venue tour technology so you can view their layouts from anywhere in the world.

Cipriani South Street

Home of New York’s most exciting and significant gatherings, Cipriani South Street, located at the Battery Maritime Building, is a luxurious private event complex. Along with the private arrival foyer, there are separate pre-function rooms, including an outdoor patio. This contemporary space is perfect for that modern feel.

Manhattan Center

As an exclusive event space in NYC that hosts major events, concerts, and TV and audio productions, this venue employs the industry’s most experienced team to ensure all your needs are met. The catering services are unmatched and will leave every guest with a memorable experience. This space is perfect for extra large gatherings for special occasions.

Glasshouse Chelsea

Glasshouse Chelsea is a stunning event venue, located on the Hudson River, with amazing views of Midtown and Downtown Manhattan. The multifunctional rooms are perfect for hosting mid to large size events for up to 200 guests. With floor to ceiling windows, this magnificent space can be transformed into the perfect event.

Tribeca Rooftop

Located in Tribeca, this trendy event space is one of New York City’s premiere event destinations. Tribeca Rooftop maintains a notorious reputation for amazing food services and hospitality, offering breathtaking views of Manhattan and the Hudson river. This space accommodates larger parties and events.

How to Reserve a Party Venue in Atlanta

Like New York City, Atlanta is a great place to host your next corporate gathering because of all the many attractions and sights that may be interesting to include in your event.

Atlanta is home to the Atlanta Botanical Garden, Centennial Olympic park, World of Coca-Cola and many other amazing offerings. These venues are great spaces to host fun and inclusive corporate events to allow your employees to enjoy themselves with something special, rather than a traditional corporate party.


Located in Atlanta, this contemporary event space with an outdoor patio offers stunning views of the city. The large area is perfect for hosting a small to medium sized corporate gathering.


Atlanta Botanical Garden

This stunning and inclusive venue space offers 18 installations of 70 larger than life sculptures. This beautiful garden display is an amazing addition to an already beautiful event space and a perfect spectacle to enhance guest experience.

ASW Distillery

As the most awarded craft whiskey distillery since 2018, this experience based event space will sure to leave your guests excited. With 3 large tasting rooms in Atlanta, this venue combines the perfect feel of rustic and contemporary. The large space is perfect for medium sized parties.

The Gathering Spot

The Gathering Spot is the perfect combination of dynamic and flexible and will be sure to accommodate the needs of any party. Providing the highest quality food service, this experienced event team builds an immersive experience for all guests. This space is ideal for larger parties.

Terminus 330

Terminus 330 brings your vision to life with customized catering and bar packages, unique furniture and decor, tailored seating layouts and spectacular audiovisual capabilities. This prime location offers an out of the box experience perfect for any event.

How to Reserve a Party Venue in Chicago

Additionally, in highly populated cities like Chicago there will likely be a wide variety of restaurants to choose to host your next corporate event at. For smaller, more intimate gatherings, hosting a dinner at a restaurant is a great option because most likely the restaurant will be able to assist with set up and clean up. 

In large cities there are also various hotel spaces that also can accommodate those that are traveling from farther locations or want to spend some extra time in the surrounding area.

Check out these luxurious locations in Chicago which are great venue choices for corporate events.

Waldorf Astoria Chicago

This elegant event venue located in Chicago offers a luxurious feel with floor to ceiling windows, revealing spectacular views. With opulent furnishings and modern decor, the Waldorf Astoria Chicago is the premier spot for hosting large events.

Galleria Marchetti

Galleria Marchetti is Chicago’s urban oasis, on one beautiful property with two stunning event venues. This location is perfect for any outdoor occasion. This mesoamerican style and decor is the perfect pop of color, bringing any event to life.

How to Reserve a Party Venue in Seattle

It is important to consider the weather when booking an event space, especially in a location like Seattle, where the weather can be very unpredictable. If you are planning on hosting your corporate party at an outdoor location, you should be sure the weather will be nice on the specific date you chose. 

Keep in mind that you will likely be asked to put a deposit down on the space so the venue will secure the space for your specific date. Be sure you are certain about the venue space before booking, as to avoid losing this money if other arrangements need to be made

How to Reserve a Party Venue in LA

Companies will traditionally host holiday, seasonal, or Christmas parties for their employees as a way to wrap up the end of the year or celebrate these special occasions.

If you are looking for a holiday corporate event space in LA and/or you are planning on hosting a themed event and conducting fun, interactive games with your employees, ensure the event space has enough room for set up and even a podium or stand for speakers.

If you are looking for a holiday corporate event space in LA and/or you are planning on hosting a themed event and conducting fun, interactive games with your employees, ensure the event space has enough room for set up and even a podium or stand for speakers.

An ideal location for larger, more interactive corporate parties would be a large event room in a hotel or conference center.

Consider these great locations in Los Angeles for your next corporate event:

Hospitality Collaborative

Hospitality collaborative in Los Angeles sets the scene for unforgettable occasions. With custom catering and beverage services, this venue ensures all the details are set for your event, so you don’t have to! This large space is perfect for medium to large gatherings and can transform into an amazing event.

Intercontinental LA Downtown

With 94,000 square foot of event space and 33 different meeting rooms, this downtown venue offers flexible meeting rooms with hybrid capabilities to ensure your event needs are taken care of. The stylish infrastructure gives a chic feel.

Carondelet House

As one of the most unique event venues in Los Angeles, the Carondelet House offers 7,600 square feet of event space with 2 courtyards and fully furnished parlors. With a professional sound system throughout, their audiovisual capabilities are unmatched.

How to Reserve a Party Venue in Denver

Denver, Colorado offers some of the most beautiful mountains and stunning sights, with great outdoor activities. If your company is hosting an end of the year party, during the winter months, consider hosting at a venue in Denver. You can offer a chance for your employees to experience amazing outdoor activities such as skiing, snowboarding, hiking and much more!

Reserving a venue space at a ski resort for your corporate party would offer the perfect combination of event space, sleep accommodations, and fun activities all-in-one. Also, you can potentially arrange a cost-effective package deal with the hotel if there will be many attendees.

Corporate Party Venue on a Yacht

A common question we see is, “how can i get a party venue on a yacht?”

Corporate events can be hosted anywhere, including on a boat or yacht! Give your clients and employees the experience of a lifetime by planning a corporate party on a boat with these tips:

The first step when looking to rent a yacht or boat for your event is to understand your party details and accommodations. Ie. (guest count, budget, location, restraints etc.)

It’s super important to research yacht or boat rental companies to explore what options are available for events. Most boat or yacht rental prices are not listed directly online, however there is usually an option to submit the details of your event in a contact form (ie. date, time, how many guests, food options and services etc.) to populate a price based on your accommodations. Look around and compare prices from different companies to ensure you are receiving the most cost effective price for your event.

For example, renting a party boat for a 4-hour cruise in Manhattan can cost anywhere from $4,000 to $6,000, while a private yacht charter can cost around $3,000 and up. As the size and luxuriousness of the boat increases, so does the price.

There are additional add-on options for bar and buffet packages.

Different options:

  • Per person: $30–100
  • All-inclusive, lunch or dinner party- BYOB or open bar on board
  • First come first serve- buy tickets, but is not an exclusive event (other people could be on board)
  • Don’t forget about taxes and hidden expenses

Variables that can affect the cost of boat rental prices

  • Boat size and guest capacity
  • The number of guests attending the event
  • Style, decor, and amenities on the boat
  • Where the boat will be departing from
  • The season, day, time, and duration

Once you have decided on a boat or yacht that meets your needs, you can submit a request to book. Like any other venue, you may also be required to submit a deposit.

How to Run a Party Venue For Corporate Event

When running a party venue for a corporate event, collaboration becomes key so that all details are communicated throughout the planning process between vendor teams, the venue, and clients so that the day of the event runs smoothly and according to expectation.

Allseated’s online event planning software is collaborative which allows the entire vendor team to work together on floorplan layouts as well as guest list, seating chart, timelines, and more.

With one in every ten events in the US created in Allseated, the event planning software provides functionality, organization, and attention to detail all in one place, eliminating the need for spreadsheets, PDF files, and scattered papers of floorplan drawings! The collaborative benefits of working with outside collaborators in Allseated will assist in creating a seamless planning process and flawless execution of all the event details.

With Allseated event floorplan tools, you can:

  • Select your tables, chairs, objects, and furniture
  • Customize spacing
  • Join tables and/or knock off chairs
  • Include spacing for dance floors and entertainment areas
  • Mark exits within the layout
  • List any planning details and/or notes directly within the floorplan
  • Save favorite objects and templates for future layouts
  • Create custom groups and save them to favorites
  • Upload files (including JPG, PNG, and PDF) to floorplan

Learn even more about designing corporate layouts in this article.

Top Tech Must-Haves At Your Holiday Party Venue

Last but not least, keep these tech must-haves in mind for your next corporate event or holiday corporate party.

A Reliable WIFI Signal

We can all agree that WIFI is no longer considered a convenience at events. It’s a necessity! Research shows that poor WIFI is the 3rd most frustrating factor with reception venues and venue selection.

When researching reception venues for events, be certain to double-check the WIFI connection and accessibility. Can everyone access it? Is it a public WIFI or will your guests need a WIFI passcode? Is the signal strong? These are all WIFI variables to explore before the day of your event.

Charging Stations For Guests

As technology has become a prominent focus for an entire event planning process, it’s important to consider how to keep it up from start to finish. Guests often look for a place to recharge their tech devices so consider having charging stations at your party. Also, keep in mind the strategic placement for the charging stations so that guests can continue to network, mix and mingle while charging their devices.

Lighting Options

Lighting goes a long way in setting the mood for an event. It become a bonus if the venue offer the option to make multiple changes to the lighting, and in turn the mood of your holiday party, instantly.

A dim, romantic light is a great way to set the tone for the night but enhancing the lighting when you want to excite your guests or have them anticipating what’s coming next is a great way to spark fresh energy throughout the room. Changeable lighting is a major technology plus when it’s available at reception venues.

Plasma Screens

Remember back to the time when it was necessary to print enough flyers, brochures, and other promotional items for events? Not necessary anymore thanks to the digital signage options! With digital signage, you can promote your business or event with technology. Animated slide shows or marketing messages can be displayed on plasma screens, IPads, and more. Since you already have WIFI and charging stations, getting your digital signage up and running at reception venues should be easy to implement

Mobile Check-In App

Event check-in apps are becoming increasingly popular in the events industry for all types of events. From corporate meetings and conferences to social events, event organizers and planners are learning to take advantage of event check-in software to streamline the check-in process and further enhance the guest experience.

It’s critical for event organizers and planners to not only utilize event technology during the planning process but also adapt to using apps for check-in as a form of event management software. Technology assists with events across the board today, from the planning process to event execution. There are many benefits to using event check-in software.

Allseated’s Day-Of Mobile App for tablets is an event check-in software extension of Allseated’s 3D floorplan software, giving you access to your event on the go.

The Day-of Mobile app for tablets offers a full event check-in system including real-time collaboration, live check-in updates, an overview of check-in status, and the ability to view your floorplans in both 2D and 3D. The software offers a guest check-in app that allows you to let your guests know where they are sitting while also keeping track of who is in attendance, and who is unaccounted for.

The Day-Of Mobile app also gives you direct access to your master seating chart.

  • Ability to view event floorplan diagrams in both 2D and 3D
  • Access to the master event seating chart
  • Realtime collaboration
  • Live event check-in updates
  • Overview of event check-in status

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