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Vision 1-2

Design Floorplans

Design event layouts with access to over 100,000 floorplan templates and over 10,000 3D objects in furniture libraries.

Manage Guest Lists
& Seating Charts

Manage guest list, track RSVP’s and meal types, keep notes, and arrange seating chart within floorplan.
Vision 1-4

Utilize 3D Tabletop Designer

Show exactly what can fit to-scale on tabletops with extensive item library to choose from to accurately design tablescapes.

Generate Reports

Generate multiple types of reports for your event including your floorplan, seating chart, guest list, and all other crucial details to keep vendor team and clients up to date and informed.

Vision 1-3
Vision 1-1

Timeline Management

Manage multiple timelines for your event and view details side by side to ensure no mistakes in scheduling are made!

Physical Distance Tool

Access to check-in system including real-time collaboration, live check-in updates, overview of check-in status, and ability to view your floorplans in both 2D and 3D.
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Streamline processes, collaborate digitally, create memorable events.

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3D Floorplan Viewing

3D Floorplan

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The Allseated Impact


ROI over one year based
upon eliminating 2.5 hours
spent on diagramming,
communication, and set
up per event.

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The Competition


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