VISION+ Success Story:
Scandic Hotels

Scandic is the largest Nordic hotel operator with a network of about 280 hotels with 58,000 hotel rooms in operation and under development in six countries and with more than 10,000 team members. We have meetings venues up to 2,000 people, whether face-to-face, online or something in between, such as a hybrid meeting.

The Challenge

  • International Sales were unable to sell our products remotely to the international market and give them a true feeling for our property
  • Fit rented furniture in our rooms
  • Following escape routes and plan power supplies with external technical partners
  • “Flat” homepage selling emotions just through pictures
  • Clients were unable to visualise the different layouts and rooms before their event

The Solution

  • Do proactive virtual site inspections with clients worldwide and improve customer satisfaction through visualisation
  • As the furniture of e. a. rent for event are already integrated, it is much easier to plan an individual event
  • Integrate Allseated and set ups on the homepage.
  • Able to show various templates and layouts and interact with clients remotely
  • Allows the team to demonstrate what proposed layouts look like with distance measures in place

“Including Allseated as part of our selling process has given us the opportunity to show current and prospective clients our spaces in various setups, giving them the ability to envision their event with us before it takes place, without having them come onsite. This sets us apart from our competitors.”


Director of Convention Sales Germany

Central value-adds


Visualization is one of Allseated’s most effective revenue generators leading to increased bookings, with or without an initial tour of the venue.

“Allseated has transformed the way we do business. Clients can now experience the physical space without the hassle of scheduling a visit.”


Close the gap on backend communication to eliminate labor redundancies and effectively manage the changing needs of the client.

“I could communicate directly with the execution team in real-time. Diagrammatic changes just appeared on their phones during setup. That’s efficiency.”


Seeing updates in real-time boosts clients’ excitement and feelings of inclusion in the planning process.

“Allseated empowers my clients to feel more like partners in the planning process. I’ve received nothing but brilliant feedback.”


Provides a service that immerses the client in the space with multiple setup options in 2D and 3D to deliver unparalleled event conceptualization.

“Allseated allows me to have a conversation with a client that I haven’t had before. We provide the service of not being a cookie cutter space, but a dynamic one.”



increase in sales for Allseated hospitality clients investing in digital twin-based virtual venue tours and event floorplanning tools.

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