Case Study


Lindsay Landman Events is a luxury event designer that integrates planning, design, and production to deliver uniquely exquisite events.

The Challenge

As Lindsay Landman Events strove to increase design precision, the company was in search of a tool that provided perfectly scaled floorplans for any space.

The Solution

By replacing hand-drawn floorplans and costly CAD designer fees with fast, to-scale floorplans, Allseated provides a competitive advantage to Lindsay Landman Events through the speed and accuracy of floorplans.

The Results

Lindsay Landman Events saved upwards of $1,500 per floorplan on approximately 30% of their annual events by adopting Allseated. That’s a savings of $12,000 dollars per year!

“Allseated has become an integral part of our process. We create floorplans, timelines, and budgets for every event in Allseated. It’s simply how an event comes to life for us.”

-Lindsay Landman, President and Creative Director

Lindsay Landman Events’ Story

Getting the design plans wrong is not an option

When Lindsay Landman Events (LLE) needed to automate its design process, Allseated helped make speed and precision LLE’s competitive advantage. For the LLE team, designing the floorplan is as much a creative process as it is a logistical one. When Lindsay Landman, the company’s President and Creative Director, founded LLE in 2001, designing for event spaces using hand-drawn floorplans almost always ran the risk of inaccuracy. Rooms could be approximated, but ensuring the correct dimensions for irregular spaces with increasingly elaborate and complicated floorplans couldn’t be guaranteed without costly third party mapping fees. Providing clients with the assurance that their event design could be executed as planned, and within budget, required a tool that delivers speed and accuracy from the very beginning. Allseated aligns key stakeholders – designers, planners, and clients – to facilitate efficient and precise event creation, collaboration, and execution through the design and production process. Now, LLE designers can use to-scale floorplans to visualize how tables fit the room and optimize the event layout, in both 2D and 3D. LLE planners can also use the guest list tool with their clients to upload guests, tracks RSVPs, streamline guest

seating, and match the floorplan design with rentals orders to ensure that the final details all fit within the event. As Lindsay describes it, “Everyone on my team has their own Allseated relationship. It’s integrated into every part of our events from small social events, to non-profit galas, to elaborate weddings. We view Allseated as an indispensable part of our vendor team.” Allseated also serves as an organizational and collaborative tool for the LLE team. After login, each user can view events in the immediate future or 18+ months out. “Opening Allseated ends up being a reminder for what needs to be done. It keeps us organized for all of our events, across our vendor teams,” Landman explained. Organization and increased collaboration is a key value-add of the Allseated platform. In as little as two years, LLE has maximized the precision and efficiency of its design practices to produce exquisite events. As the design, planning, and production firm continues to grow, Allseated remains the technology member of the LLE vendor team that Lindsay can rely upon to cut costs and execute flawless events.

“The most important thing is that the people at Allseated really integrate themselves into the industry, which is rare for a technology in this vertical. I view Allseated as an event vendor rather than just a product we use – a trusted, reliable vendor that is part of my design routine.”

-Lindsay Landman, President and Creative Director