VISION+ Success Story:
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

Located in an area of historic and national interest, JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel in Romania is the only five-star hotel in the district, in close proximity to the stately Palace of Parliament and People’s Salvation Cathedral. Culturally rich and with a status that befits its quality offering, our luxury hotel provides a restorative setting in Bucharest where its legacy for intuitive service, culinary distinction, and notable grandeur remains unsurpassed.

The Challenge

  • Previous diagram system was not able to present 3D meeting room layouts.
  • Lacked ability to provide virtual representations of room layouts and showcase the versatility of event spaces.
  • Upcoming events require distancing to floorplan layouts
  • Our site inspection could be done through video call only during pandemic, therefore we needed to schedule them from the venue
  • For upsells and equipment presentations we were sending separate photos

The Solution

  • Can showcase hotel remotely, upselling decoration from own gallery directly in 3D presentation
  • Now able to use the website widget to showcase our Event spaces
  • Able to qualify leads faster as we can show various templates, set ups, layouts and collaborate with clients remotely
  • Offer clients options that set us apart from our competitors by providing state of the art technology in a landmarked venue
  • Guest list allows for tracking meal types for each guest for each event
JW Marriott Bucharest Grand Hotel

“Trend setting involves innovation and great partnerships, always bringing us ahead of the market! With AllSeated our clients’ experience was enhanced, being able to navigate easily on our venue spaces, with immediate visualisation of their set-up desires. Personalisation became instant, selling efficiency increased, all the involved parts are now staying easily in permanent contact.”


Director Of Event Management

Central value-adds


Visualization is one of Allseated’s most effective revenue generators leading to increased bookings, with or without an initial tour of the venue.

“Allseated has transformed the way we do business. Clients can now experience the physical space without the hassle of scheduling a visit.”


Close the gap on backend communication to eliminate labor redundancies and effectively manage the changing needs of the client.

“I could communicate directly with the execution team in real-time. Diagrammatic changes just appeared on their phones during setup. That’s efficiency.”


Seeing updates in real-time boosts clients’ excitement and feelings of inclusion in the planning process.

“Allseated empowers my clients to feel more like partners in the planning process. I’ve received nothing but brilliant feedback.”


Provides a service that immerses the client in the space with multiple setup options in 2D and 3D to deliver unparalleled event conceptualization.

“Allseated allows me to have a conversation with a client that I haven’t had before. We provide the service of not being a cookie cutter space, but a dynamic one.”



increase in sales for Allseated hospitality clients investing in digital twin-based virtual venue tours and event floorplanning tools.

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