Case Study


Feastivities Events is an event design and catering company dedicated to providing well-executed menus, dramatic presentations, outstanding service, and extreme attention to detail.

The Challenge

With 28 years of experience in the business, Feastivities needed to reduce the amount of time it took to create a new floor plan for every event.

The Solution

Allseated’s makes the process of building out to-scale 3D event floorplans fast and easy. The simple UI streamlines the layout process, enables collaboration, and impresses clients.

The Results

Feastivities now has a state-of-the-art system for designing event floorplans, helping them to reduce time wasted during the planning process and focus on building events with creative flair.

“With Allseated, creating a floorplan takes 15 minutes or less, saving us at least 25 minutes per event! When you apply that to the 623 events we produced last year, that’s a savings of 259 hours a year. It’s a huge win for our organization.”

-Meryl Snow, Co-founder and Owner

Feastivities’ Story

Streamlining the planning process to maximize efficiency

Feastivities Events, a catering and event design firm based in Philadelphia, has tried its fair share of event planning solutions focused around saving time and maximizing team efficiency. Prior to adopting Allseated, the team found itself needing to create new floorplans for each event despite having already hosted parties at the venues. The time spent building duplicate floorplans resulted in increasingly higher and higher labor expenses. Over time, it became clear that Feastivies needed to find ways to streamline the planning process so more time could be spent on designing creative and impactful events. The solution required a focus on efficiency and seamless integration with their current workflow. The ability to search for to-scale venue floorplans in Allseated and add new floorplans made generating layouts a breeze! All Feastivities’ floorplans are saved in their Allseated account, eliminating hours of work that was previously spent recreating floorplans the team had already created. The long-term impact of implementing Allseated yielded massive time and cost savings. “It used to take 40 minutes to create a to-scale floorplan,” noted Meryl Snow, Feastivities co-founder and company owner. “With Allseated, laying out an event takes 15 minutes or less, saving us 25 minutes per event! When you apply that to the 623 events we produced last year, that’s a savings of 259 hours a year. It’s a huge win for our organization.”

The sales team cited ease of use and advanced visualization tools as key to client satisfaction. All Feastivites clients are invited into Allseated to view their floorplans in 3D, upload their guest lists, access timelines, create seating charts, and track guest RSVPs and meal preferences. Feastivities’ clients love the Allseated interface and always-on customer service. “Besides being a stellar product, the customer service is outstanding!” Meryl shared. With a large team of event producers, event planners, and assistants, it’s imperative that all Feastivities team members can collaborate across events for maximum transparency. With a multiple-user Allseated account, the team is able to access, edit, and view current and past events with details including table layout, AV specifications, meal preferences, real-time RSVPs, and more – all in one application. “Not only has Allseated made a tremendous difference in our design process, but it has also increased transparency across our entire organization,” Meryl stated. “Allseated saves us time and money, and ensures we’re fully informed on all event projects.” By using Allseated to create an efficient event design process, Feastivities has maintained their characteristic attention to detail while maximizing their use of time and talent.

“It’s so easy for our clients to jump on and view their floor plans in Allseated. They are dazzled by the ability to visualize their event months before the special day!”

-Meryl Snow, Co-founder and Owner