Allseated OPS Case Study


CPS Events oversees all social, corporate, and non-profit events for New York City’s most elegant and timeless event venue: The Plaza Hotel.

The Challenge

Hosting 400+ events each year, event managers at The Plaza require a platform that ensures to-scale renderings of the grand ballroom and terrace rooms for each new event.

The Solution

Allseated creates perfectly scaled renderings of any event venue, down to the windows, columns, and balconies in both 2D and 3D views.

The Results

With all of The Plaza event spaces available in Allseated, event managers have more time to focus on generating new business and executing exquisite events for clients.

“Using Allseated guarantees our floorplans are to-scale. When we get to the day of an event and know for certain that things are where they’re supposed to be, clients are happy and the whole experience is positive.”

-Ali Papalia, Catering Sales Manager

The Plaza’s Story

Adopting a new system to deliver certainty to clients

The Plaza Hotel in New York City is an iconic, historic hotel in the heart of the Big Apple. Since the hotel’s reopening in 2008, CPS Events has managed the venue’s private event spaces and aims to deliver transparency, collaboration, client satisfaction, and flawless production for every event. Prior to adopting Allseated, the team used an alternative diagramming system that resulted in major spacing issues due to faulty scalability and a clunky interface. After investigating Allseated’s costly competitors, CPS selected Allseated to manage all event design and production processes, both internally and with clients. “While there may be similar products out there, no other platform delivers on its value proposition with the added bonus of a great support team. Training with Allseated is hands-on, from start to finish,” explained Ali Papalia, Catering Sales Manager for CPS Events.

The Allseated solution saves event managers at The Plaza time with quick diagramming and inventory management, but an unexpected benefit has come in the form of Allseated as a sales tool. According to Ali, “Clients are more interested than ever in having access to their event floorplan and providing feedback in real time.” As a result, all clients planning events at The Plaza learn about Allseated during their very first meeting and are offered their own free Allseated login so they can make changes to their floorplan, upload their guest lists, collect RSVPs, seat guests, and assign meal preferences.

Integrating Allseated into the event design process at The Plaza assures precise diagramming, facilitates furniture inventory and space management, and attracts engaged clients seeking real-time involvement in the planning process.