VISION+ Success Story:

Congress, Conferences, and Celebrations with a Lake View. Inspiration Included!

Located directly on the vibrant Seerhein promenade, BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ offers the perfect backdrop for a unique blend of modernity, sustainability, and flexibility. Equipped with state-of-the-art technology, the venue is perfectly suited to host hybrid events that guarantee success. Its cutting-edge conference technology, coupled with technical expertise in conference technology, allows for seamless integration of in-person and virtual meetings through its innovative Digital Twin ViBoFo, powered by Allseated.

Challenges prior to working with Allseated:

  • Managing the uncertainties associated with unpredictable event planning and minimizing day-of errors
  • Incorporating sustainable event design, requiring significant effort and resources
  • Digital solutions to streamline and optimize event planning processes and reach broader audience remotely
  • Create seamless interactive and engaging event formats for both in-person and virtual attendees

Solutions through collaboration with Allseated:

  • Our ViBoFo enables interactive hybrid events that integrate in-person and virtual experiences
  • Our 3D room planning and virtual tour capabilities enable our customers to visualize and optimize their event spaces
  • Our digital expansion tools amplify event reach, broaden audience engagement, and elevate brand visibility
  • Attendees are offered the flexibility to choose their preferred mode of participation, whether in-person or remotely

“With Allseated technology, BODENSEEFORUM KONSTANZ has positioned itself to provide an extensive range of services, including our digital twin ViBoFo, offering photo-realistic 3D digital twins of our spaces, provide virtual walk-throughs, or conduct efficient site inspections. Our state-of-the-art conference technology, combined with our highly skilled team, allows us to facilitate remote dynamic interactions and meaningful exchanges. Whether you are on-site, at home, in the office, or on the go, we ensure seamless connectivity and engagement”.


Ruth Bader


Central value-adds


Visualization is one of Allseated’s most effective revenue generators leading to increased bookings, with or without an initial tour of the venue.

“Allseated has transformed the way we do business. Clients can now experience the physical space without the hassle of scheduling a visit.”


Close the gap on backend communication to eliminate labor redundancies and effectively manage the changing needs of the client.

“I could communicate directly with the execution team in real-time. Diagrammatic changes just appeared on their phones during setup. That’s efficiency.”


Seeing updates in real-time boosts clients’ excitement and feelings of inclusion in the planning process.

“Allseated empowers my clients to feel more like partners in the planning process. I’ve received nothing but brilliant feedback.”


Provides a service that immerses the client in the space with multiple setup options in 2D and 3D to deliver unparalleled event conceptualization.

“Allseated allows me to have a conversation with a client that I haven’t had before. We provide the service of not being a cookie cutter space, but a dynamic one.”

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