Presidio Trust


The Presidio is a magnificent place to gather. Intimate chapels, elegant reception sites, and confere​​nce facilities provide beautiful backdrops for weddings, celebrations, meetings, and retreats. By Using Allseated Vision, The Presidio was able to interact with clients and book new business remotely which alleviated some of the major challenges presented during the COVID-19 Pandemic.

The Challenges

  • Unable to meet with clients in person during height of pandemic
  • During gradual reopening process, unable to meet with as many clients as usual.
  • Upcoming events require distancing to floorplan layouts
  • Unable to interact in person with booked clients for upcoming event planning.

The Solutions

  • Website widget offered prospective clients virtual tour options. We showcase three events spaces and areas virtually
  • Able to qualify leads before they come onsite because they already have great idea of what event space looks like and how it is set up before they come in person for a meeting.
  • Able to show various templates and layouts to keep business going and interact with booked clients.
  • Allseated’s Physical Distance Tool is helpful and accurate to determine capacities and visualize events with distancing in place.

Since March, we have had to limit the number of people coming onsite so Using Allseated Vision
for the 360 experience has become the first step in connecting with prospective clients. It’s working really well for us as we are able to showcase event spaces without having people come onsite for tours.
People are so much more open today to the 360 experience and it’s been really effective during this time. It’s been super helpful during the production process as well, allowing us to work with clients on upcoming events. We are able to show various templates
and layouts during this time to keep business going and interact with booked clients.


Using Physical Distance Tool:

We have been using the distance tool to plan ceremonies as well as work with other templates
and layouts to determine capacities and visualize events with distancing in place. It’s really been helpful for us to rework floorplans we have already designed in the past that need to be redone to meet distance guidelines. The
distance tool has been really helpful and extremely accurate
for us to plan events virtually, allowing us to determine the walkways and layouts. This tool
has been completely invaluable for us right now — I can’t imagine what we would be able to do without this tool! We need to make clients feel comfortable and using the distance tool allows us to do that.


– Presidio Trust Testimonial, Mara Tzizik- Swanson –


Boost sales capabilities, maximize time savings, and simplify processes while collaborating in realtime to deliver accurate layouts.

Operational efficiency


Reduction in time spent diagramming, iterating, and managing day-of setup errors.

Real-time updates on to-scale floorplans increases accuracy for planning and execution and accelerates customer buy-in.



ROI over one year based upon eliminating 2.5 hours spent on diagramming, communication, and set up per event.

Rapid return of investment and higher customer satisfaction.



5 no-tour events booked in one year due to pre-event layouts.

Allseated's visualization ensured higher sales.



ROI over one year including annual subscription and VR setup.

Rapid return of investment.