Boston Park Plaza


Boston Park Plaza has hosted some of Boston’s most celebrated and memorable weddings and gala events since opening their doors in 1927. With a need for virtual planning tools, implementing Allseated Vision resolved challenges and opened up new business opportunities without the need for onsite meetings.

The Challenges

  • Unable to have onsite meetings and in-person venue tours


  • Travel restrictions kept people from visiting venue even when open


  • Upcoming events required distancing measures in place

The Solutions

  • Website widget offers prospective clients ability to virtually tour event space


  • Able to provide prospective clients shareable links to proposed layouts which helped to edge out competition and close new business remotely.


  • Allseated’s Physical Distance Tool allows the team to demonstrate what proposed layouts will look like with distance measures in place, giving clients confidence as they are able to visualize their events with distancing protocols.

“Using Allseated Vision during the COVID-19 pandemic has given us the opportunity to showcase our event spaces while unable to offer onsite tours. It is always standard practice for me to share the virtual tour links in all email replies to inquiries and in proposals – it’s such a valuable tool! Over the last few months with everything shut down and travel restrictions in place however, using Allseated has never been more critical as we have been able to offer prospective clients virtual tours and also provide them with shareable links to proposed layouts which definitely helped us edge out competition and close new business without meeting in person. During this time, we have easily booked at least 8 new events including a large conference now on the calendar for April 2021.


We have used the physical distance tool to create 3-4 distance layout templates per event space. Using the tool to demonstrate what proposed distance layouts could look like has provided clients with confidence as they are actually able to visualize their events should it require distance protocols. ”


– Christopher J. Shimkus Director of Catering and Events-


Boost sales capabilities, maximize time savings, and simplify processes while collaborating in realtime to deliver accurate layouts.

Operational efficiency


Reduction in time spent diagramming, iterating, and managing day-of setup errors.

Real-time updates on to-scale floorplans increases accuracy for planning and execution and accelerates customer buy-in.



ROI over one year based upon eliminating 2.5 hours spent on diagramming, communication, and set up per event.

Rapid return of investment and higher customer satisfaction.



5 no-tour events booked in one year due to pre-event layouts.

Allseated's visualization ensured higher sales.



ROI over one year including annual subscription and VR setup.

Rapid return of investment.