Now more than ever, event businesses are moving away from the traditional in-person meetings and towards virtual planning and remote ways to book new business. While the virtual planning trend started a while ago, the need has significantly increased in light of the COVID-19 pandemic.

Allseated Vision allows you to operate business as usual with virtual tools and remote selling capabilities.


Take virtual collaboration and remote selling to a new level

  • Host an interactive video conference directly from a floorplan
  • Interactive virtual walkthroughs of layout replace in-person onsite inspections
  • Easily change floorplans and venues during conference
  • Invite your clients to an online virtual meeting inside an event where you can speak, share screens, and work on the floorplan in 2D or 3D
  • See changes in real time, share ideas or make requests


  • Create layouts to meet distancing guidelines to run a safe distance event.
  • Visualize the layout with distancing in place
  • Better understand how new rules will affect capacity.
  • Determine room entry and food service protocols while putting safety of guests and staff at forefront.


  • Give clients a fully immersive 360 degree photorealistic experience of a venue space
  • View life-like table layouts and furniture arrangements with ability to make changes in realtime


  • Generate a shareable link from a floorplan and send it to prospective clients
  • Allow clients to view the 2D/3D layout, move around the room and experience what their event would be like in advance


  • Venues are able to showcase their event space via a widget on their website
  • Drive more traffic to venues spaces
  • Provide interactive tours from anywhere in the world
  • Ability to sell their venue and book more events