Winter Workout Ideas on a Wedding Budget

Although we are entering the cold and dreary winter months, now is the perfect time to set your fitness goals and get in the best bridal shape for your upcoming wedding!

Cold weather and winter precipitation may attempt to threaten your workouts and joining gyms can interfere with the money you set aside for your wedding — we understand that — which is why we put together a quick list of winter workouts that you can do throughout the winter without breaking the wedding budget bank:

Online Workouts:

You don’t even need to leave the house to get your sweat on! There are tons of fitness apps and websites which now offer you workout ideas and programs easy enough to do from anywhere. Workouts such as yoga, kickboxing, pilates, boot camp, barre and cardio activities can all be found with the click of the button.

Gym Discounts & Free Trials:

January is a big month for fitness deals! Many fitness studios and athletic clubs will be offering discounts on memberships and other deals which you may find through local ads, Groupon offers and other discount websites. By doing a simple search within your area, you will be able to locate the current fitness deals and sign up to begin exercising for a fraction of the typical cost.

Almost all fitness clubs offer a free trial guest pass. Take advantage of this and give a new gym a try! This will help you narrow down what you are looking for in a fitness routine and be able to best apply your funds in the right places.


Running is one of the cheapest yet most rewarding exercises available to you!

During the winter, running outdoors can be challenging if there’s snow falling or ice on the roads but most of the time, you can certainly bundle up and run safely outside. In fact, we all need some fresh air during the winter along with the vitamin D from the sun light. It may be chilly but the air is truly invigorating. And remember, running warms you up a good 20 degrees! So, if it’s 32 degrees outside, within minutes you will be running in what feels more like 52 degrees which is quite comfortable.


Walking may not seem like exercise but it most certainly is and provides your mind and body multiple positive health benefits.

Walking gives you a nonimpact way of getting the blood flowing along with good calorie burn for no cost at all.

Ways to incorporate walking into your routine:

  • Moving more throughout your day counts as exercise even when you don’t realize it.
  • Park your car far from the grocery store or shopping mall to give yourself some extra walking time.
  • Skip the elevators in favor of the stairs and remember to go for a walk when you can on your lunch break.
  • If you are using a fitness tracker or an app to track your steps, aim for 10,000 steps a day to ensure you are walking and moving around throughout the day.

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