Winter Wedding Preparation: What You Should Know


If you are currently planning a winter wedding (so exciting!) you may already know that there are some additional factors to consider in your preparation as the weather may attempt to collide your plans.

We put together this winter wedding planning checklist to ensure that you have every detail covered so that you can enjoy the winter wedding of your dreams!

Consider the Venue

If you’re going to have the ceremony outside, you may want a venue that offers indoor and outdoor options just in case the weather prevents you from being outdoors.

A blizzard or blocked roads could cause delays as well so take into account your venue’s location and how accessible it is in the winter. You may also want to consider their parking areas in terms of how far away guests may have to park in the cold. Ask your venue if there is a valet parking option in your package and if there will be a snow removal crew on call the day of your wedding, just in case.

Keep the Venue Warm

If the ceremony is outside, look into renting outdoor heaters to keep your guests warm. If your ceremony and reception are indoors, make sure that there will be ample time for the building’s heat to kick in so you and your guests aren’t walking into a cold building!

Mind Your Guests

Have chic faux fur coats available for the bride and bridesmaids. Offer your guests hand warmers, scarves, or blankets that will keep them warm and double as wedding favors. You can also give them hot coffee, hot chocolate, and/or hot cider to help keep away the cold.

Allow for Extra Travel Time

Unless your ceremony and reception are taking place at the same location, provide additional time for travel by making your ceremony and reception. A couple of hours is good, regardless of how far they may be. If possible, use one venue for both ceremony and reception to avoid delays.

Consider the Lighting

Don’t leave your guests in the dark! If you don’t want the hall too brightly lit, strategically place candles throughout the venue. They’ll offer additional light and still maintain the romantic mood!

Provide a Coat Check!

Make sure the venue has a space for coat check and has someone in charge—the last thing you want is for your guests’ belongings to come up missing, especially if there is another reception taking place nearby.

Confirm Cancellation Policies

Talk with your vendors and venue about refund and rescheduling policies. See if they will add in a clause to the contract that states you can reschedule or get a refund if a weather-related cancellation occurs. On that same note, don’t book a vendor that is too far away from where the wedding will take place—while you may have a perfect winter day, they may get caught up in poor weather, possibly leaving you without a photographer or DJ.

Being smart with your winter wedding planning and preparation will leave you ready for anything, just in case! anything!

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