Why Innovative Event Tech Needs to Be Part of Your 2020 Marketing Budget

In just a few short years, the event tech landscape has grown exponentially. Now up to nearly 450 providers, the still expanding landscape covers a full spectrum of event technologies that includes everything from event planning and event marketing to attendee tracking, data integration and management, to audience engagement and more. 

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As illustrated by the event tech landscape graphic, the evolution of event technology shows no signs of slowing down and planners have to find a way to keep up with continued developments – not just from a technology point-of-view, but a budget perspective too.

Case in point: think back to just ten or fifteen years ago. No one would have predicted just how quickly mailed or faxed paper registrations, paper flyers or posters, and pen and pencil room layout sketches would be replaced by digital counterparts.

When making budget plans for 2020, here are three expanding and emerging event technologies to keep an eye on and allocate budget dollars for.


Event Technology for Better Vendor Collaboration

In the 2019 American Express’ Global Meetings and Events Forecast, the survey predicted more meetings, for more attendees and of longer duration. Early 2020 forecasts call for a similar outlook.

More meetings activity, plus a call for even more engaging events, means more details to manage and track across multiple vendors and partners.

That’s where investing in digital and virtual planning tools that foster and enhance real-time vendor collaboration becomes of increasing importance.

Planners and venues alike can benefit from virtual event planning tools such as:

  • A project management platform that shows up-to-date deadlines and deliverables, and assigned to-dos
  • A shared space for file sharing
  • Digital floorplans and room layouts that keep everyone on the same page as decisions change
  • Table and seating chart planners

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Event Technology for Transforming Meeting Environments

Late last year, “Art on theMART” launched, which has been hailed as the world’s largest permanent projection mapping display. Using a robust system of projectors, the project transforms the exterior surface of Chicago’s iconic Merchandise Mart into an evolving art display.

Specific to events, with the help of projection mapping, guests can feel as they’re in a completely different space. Venues and meeting environments can be transformed by adding different backgrounds, scenes, effects and more – which literally can change at any time throughout the event!

With the flexibility that is only limited by imagination and budget, projection mapping technology uses include:

  • Incorporating thematic elements that would be cost-prohibitive or difficult to utilize otherwise
  • Creating “wow” and impact for attendees
  • Providing an unexpected element of interactivity
  • Personalizing the environment to match the event design

Event Technology for Better Venue Marketing

Increasingly savvy organizers and planners have higher expectations when shopping and making decisions about where to host their meetings. The difference between a lackluster first impression and booked business often begins with a venue’s marketing toolkit.

Venues can improve their marketing efforts by investing in event technologies that enable:

  • 3D floorplans
  • Virtual site inspections/tours – eliminating the need for in-person meetings
  • VR visualizations of meeting spaces or different room layouts
  • Ability to showcase event spaces to sell remotely


Virtual Reality and the virtual meeting offerings available through Allseated Vision, in particular, is an emerging event tech to plan budget dollars for, especially when it comes to venue marketing. As Kate Patay, CPCE, founder of Patay Consulting and Allseated Ambassador, said, “VR makes it easy to sell your venue’s potential, eliminates the need for on-site inspections, and allows you to close more business from anywhere in the world.”

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The dizzying pace of event technology continues to provide planners and venues with more options to redefine their meeting and event experiences. Setting aside budget dollars now for these emerging technologies provides opportunities to embrace these new trends as they become more mainstream.


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