Where Should You Sit At Your Wedding?


Viva Max Kaley, creator of Viva Max Weddings, is here today to discuss seating options for your special day. Thanks, Viva!

Your guests want nothing more than to feel like they’re a part of this experience with you, so where the wedding couple sits says a lot. We all know seating plans in general can be challenging to execute, but if you consider these options to discover what works best for you, it will alleviate stress for you, your partner, and everyone invited to the affair!

Head Table

A head table is the perfect option when you want a visual of your core crew and don’t want to be separated from your guests. The size of the table depends on how many people are in your closest circle, what size fits in the space, and what size tables are available to rent at your venue. This seating option is best used when there is a large family or group of attendees (e.g. many siblings, a large wedding party, etc.).


Sweetheart Table

Another common seating option is the sweetheart table. It’s nice for the newlyweds to have a moment away from other people to sit and eat in peace. It’s a chance for some breathing room. You can keep it traditional with the elements of decoration, or spice it up with a cool backdrop or fun tablecloth. It can be a design focal point in the room.

A sweetheart table also comes in handy when there are more complex family dynamics that you need to manage – perhaps there are multiple parents on both sides, and it would otherwise be difficult to decide with whom you’re seated. Sometimes not sitting with anyone is the most diplomatic choice.

Standard Table

The last option is a standard table – a regular sized guest table without any added decorations or flowers to make it the focal point of the room. Many of my couples choose this arrangement because they prefer not to be the center of attention, and would rather sit amongst the guests.

However, whichever table you choose will still end up being highlighted as the VIP section – after all, you’re the stars of the show! It’s definitely an honor to sit with the couple so though it won’t stand out visually, the table choice still needs to be intentional.

Be sure you have clear sightlines to the dance floor, allowing easy access for special dances and speeches throughout the night.

Where should you sit at your wedding

The most important thing to consider when choosing your seating option is the personalities of the key players involved. Know yourself, your closest friends, and your family – no one is changing just for this wedding. If you already know that you don’t enjoy being the center of attention, seat yourself at a table that looks like all of the other ones.

If family members have strong opinions on whether they’re seated with you, next to you, or on the other side of the room, try to choose a seating plan that will make the most people comfortable, so on the day there will be fewer outbursts and challenges. It’s worth taking the time to balance all of the personalities in advance rather than hoping they’ll change just for this day. During dinner you will most likely be working the room, visiting your guests at their tables, dancing and having fun so don’t stress it too much!

I hope you found these seating ideas helpful. Please feel free to share your seating arrangements and table preferences along with any other thoughts in the comments!

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