What Wedding Planners Wish Brides Knew

So much goes in to planning a wedding. Selecting your date and venue, finding the perfect dress, coordinating your color schemes, organizing your guest list, planning the menu, ordering the cake, the music, the flowers, the favors….should we continue?

Before getting to all of those party details though, wedding planners often feel that there is just so much more for brides to know when planning a wedding. When keeping these top tips in mind, brides can ease into their planning with a clear focus, ready to tackle the details and minimize the stress associated with their big day.

1. Marriage first, wedding second.

2caeba_f3fd1facc4ca4333b73137c8cecad0dfBrides often lose site of what the wedding is really about – building a life with your partner, not just throwing a really big party. It’s so important to plan the wedding of your dreams while keeping things realistic and focused on what is really important. All too often we see brides experience a let down after their big party has come and gone when the reality is, your new life is just beginning and that’s the exciting time!

2. Tackle the big conversations from the beginning.

Planning a wedding should be fun but there are important, and sometimes controversial, topics that must be addressed at the start of the process in order to plan effectively. Addressing your guest list and wedding budget before really doing anything else in your planning is the best way to be organized and in tune with what you are working with.

Sometimes these are sensitive topics and make the wedding suddenly real but it’s critical that they are dealt with at the start! Having the important conversations in the beginning will help you to know exactly where you stand with everyone involved in your big day and keep you from going into your planning blindly.

3. Planning a wedding requires time and a lot of decision making.

No matter how big or small your wedding will be, it is going to require organization, attention to detail, quite a lot of decision making and the investment of some time in order to ensure a smooth-running, seamless affair. Knowing this from the start would help many brides to realize what is required of them in the process and possibly prevent the overwhelmed and stressed feelings.

4. Communication is key.

2caeba_a108919d86a74c839165c7379d0ca580Like anything else is life, communication helps ease the planning process. Don’t let things that bother you during your planning process go without addressing them. If it’s your event planner, florist, caterer, seamstress or fiance, let them know your thoughts and openly discuss any detail that is weighing on your mind. People aren’t mind readers! Being able to communicate and share is one of the greatest assets to any relationship!

5. Stay in control of your budget.


There is literally no end to planning a wedding. You can always add another detail but adding another detail will cost you more money. Stay on top of your budget and remember to work within it. Don’t allow yourself to get caught up! Sometimes it’s best to select one or two areas of focus that you wish to spend more money on (the dress, the flowers or the wedding cake) and budget extra for those details to help balance out the rest of your planning.