Wedding Tech Trends

Technology is evolving every day. And for the past few years, technology has growing in popularity across the wedding scene. From interactive centerpieces featuring pictures instead of flowers to live interactive social media displays, there are now unlimited ways to incorporate the up and coming tech trends to weddings. Check out some of the easy ways to bring these tech trends into your next wedding.

Photo apps:

It’s no surprise that apps are seen everywhere on the wedding landscape, from planning to registries and music playlists. But there’s also tons of apps you and your guests can use to add more entertainment to your wedding or event. Instagram and Snapchat are two apps that allow you to easily keep track of photos and videos from your event.

Live streaming:

Facebook Live, Snapchat, Perioscope and other live streaming platforms have officially shaken up the tech world. Give those who weren’t able to attend a real life peak into your event with live streaming. Not ready to show everyone the deets of your day? Snapchat & Perioscope are great options as they only keep live media for a limited time period.

Personalized hashtag & filter:

What good is bringing tech into your wedding if you can’t see any of the action captured? Using a personalized hashtag for guests to include in their images will not only add a nice touch to your wedding, but it will help you see all the photos in one spot. If you’re encouraging guests to use Snapchat, go all the way and create a custom filter that will only show up for those attending.

Charging stations:

With all the fun and exciting action going on to capture, it’s important to keep gadgets powered up! Charging stations are a great way to keep the momentum going online. Also, it’s an awesome way to get your guests to mingle with each other as they wait for their phones to regain its energy. Your guests will be thankful you did.

As you consider technology options or any wedding trend for your own wedding, remember to ask yourself if it’s something that will help you and your guests enjoy the day, or if it’s just a shiny distraction.