Wedding Tabletop Ideas For Your Clients

Wedding tabletops are at the heart of any event, especially since they help set the tone for a wedding.

From the ceremony décor down to the details of a bridal bouquet, all the design elements you pick for the big day is brought to life at the reception table. It’s certainly the blank canvas where color and texture merge: linens, china, flowers, and fabrics.

Here are some great wedding tabletop ideas for your clients who are looking for new ideas and trends for their weddings.

Texture, florals, and family touches

Traditional doesn’t have to be dull or boring. Make the wedding truly personal by incorporating vintage items from your client’s own store of mementos into the wedding tabletop.

According to BBJ Linen, items like old leather books, faded family pictures, or even monogrammed crystal or china lend a unique expression of romance in a vintage wedding. These heirloom touches serve as perfect accessories to any tabletop décor.

Paired with textured fabrics, embroidered linens, and traditional blooms, you can create a truly lavish look that evokes Victorian-era sensibilities.

Pro tip: Group your flowers in small vases of varying heights to add depth to your wedding tabletop and tablescape.

Drape and layer fabrics

How do you express romance at a wedding without overdoing it? Opting for airy fabrics and soft colored linens for your reception table is one of the ways you can enhance the mood while keeping the decor understated.

Sheer table runners and chair drapes add a simple elegance to your big day, while also creating the perfect backdrop for a romantic tablescape. Use silver, rose or ivory dinnerware, along with sparkling crystal glasses to compliment your table overlays.

On the other hand, gorgeous flowers in pastel colors and greens in muted tones provide the delicate restraint that balances a romantic tabletop. Place them in copper or metallic gold flower vases for a contemporary touch, or brass compote plates for a more vintage feel.   

Take a cue from nature

Clients dreaming of an outdoor wedding are picturing a rustic affair that borrows elements from the season and the surrounding vistas.

Bring this natural charm to the wedding table by incorporating natural and organic materials – deep varnished wooden chargers, gold-rimmed dinner and flatware, crocheted coasters, and tapered candles.

Rustic-themed weddings take cues from nature for its color palettes. BBJ Linen suggests textured, to-the-floor linen in colors fitting the season: fresh pastels and floral prints during spring and summer, and warm earth tones for fall or even winter weddings.

For your flowers, vibrant hollyhock or gladiolus in old milk jugs or tin watering cans will add a countryside charm to any table, especially when paired with seasonal greens tied in floral twines.

Pro tip: Bespoke, calligraphed menu cards with whimsical watercolor designs make for easy wedding mementos your clients and guests will surely love and share on their Instagram accounts.

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