Wedding Day Check List

Tis the season for creating all sorts of To Do Lists and Check Lists in order to start the new year off in an organized way!

Keeping accurate track of all appointments, details and things that need to get done keeps you organized and avoids the possibility of something falling through the planning cracks.

By making use of the timeline feature in your AllSeated account, you can easily add, edit and organize your tasks, appointments and details with a click of the button.

AllSeated’s new timeline features the ability to create multiple timelines for each event. A special timeline should be dedicated to your wedding day check list in order to keep track of all of those little and not so little details you shouldn’t forget on your big day.

While each bride will have her own personal set of check list items, here is a quick list of the most common Wedding Day Check List details:

1. Marriage License:

It’s important to check in advance of your wedding date what the requirements are for receiving your marriage license specific to the state in which you live. And most importantly, remember to bring the marriage license document to your wedding.

2. Final Payments for Officiant and Vendors:

Most vendors expect their final payments the day of the wedding. Be sure you have your contracts and payments set in their appropriate envelopes.

3. Wedding Day Attire and Jewelry:

Finalize your wedding day look in advance but don’t forget which pieces of jewelry you have selected! If you are getting dressed somewhere other than your house, be sure to take all accessories and jewelry with you.

4. Food & Drink: Have meals planned.

So often brides get overwhelmed, nervous and busy during the day of their wedding that they forget to eat! You may want a flat stomach in your wedding dress but not eating can cause dizziness and make you sick during the wedding!

Remember to plan small meals throughout the day so that you arrive at your wedding fresh and ready to party.

5. Breathe: Enjoy your big day!

You are the only person who knows every single detail that is planned out so don’t sweat the small stuff.


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