“We Wish We Used AllSeated”


We often share spotlights which feature AllSeated users who were thrilled to have used AllSeated to help plan their events.

Today we are taking an interesting twist on a spotlight by sharing the experience of Matthew Parkyn of Blue Pearl Event Planning who WISHED he had used AllSeated to plan a recent fall festival.

It’s the real life experiences from others which further demonstrate just how important using AllSeated can be for not only streamlining the event planning process but the actual event execution!

I recently coordinated a town-wide fall festival where I wish we had used AllSeated to design the floorplan.

The event was a community wide festival for local residents to come and shop at their local businesses. We held costume, pie eating, and car show contests and had over 35 different merchants and vendors lining the streets.

blue pearl events

The location was a long, one-way street so we used a long piece of paper to design the floorplan.

On the day of the event, we had to share the vendor floorplan with the 35 merchants and vendors. We also had to share the floorplan with the 12 different cars that would be parking along the street for the car show.

One by one we had to show them where they had to go which took up a lot of time because there was only one floorplan (drafted on the piece of paper) to share with everyone.

If only I had used AllSeated to design the floorplan layout! I would have been able to collaborate with all vendors and merchants in realtime. Each merchant and vendor would have been able to see the layout in advance. We also would have been able to make necessary changes and adjustments so easily.

Going forward, we will always use AllSeated for our floorplan layouts to save time and make the planning easy!