VR Event Inspiration: A Roundup of the Coolest Oculus Quest Content


After launching the event industry’s first virtual reality floorplan visualization tool last year, we still get a little giddy anytime there is big VR industry news. As rumors swirled about the Oculus Quest – the company’s first stand-alone VR headset offering six degrees of freedom, room-scale movement, and casting abilities – we couldn’t wait to see if the device would live up to the hype.

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Even though it’s been just a short time since the late May launch, the Oculus Quest is definitely delivering.

With VR and other event tech continuing to re-shape how we plan and produce event experiences, we’ve rounded up several of the coolest Oculus Quest content applications and added inspiration ideas for using them at events.

Collaboration, Consumption, and Communication

On-the-go event professionals know the importance of event planning tools to make collaboration, content consumption, and communication easywhether that’s with clients, venues, or other team members.

These Oculus Quest apps add a VR layer to these essential skills:


Event Planning Inspiration:

VR isn’t limited to gaming. Try VR to add better visualization and dimension to traditional event planning communications and procedures.


Education and Training

Explaining complex or technical concepts has long been a challenge. As an example, try teaching or explaining a serious health issue like a congenital heart defect.

Pediatric cardiologists at Lucile Packard Children’s Hospital Stanford have solved that challenge by turning to immersive VR technology – not only to teach students and help them visualize procedures but also to help families better understand their child’s heart condition. For both groups, going “inside” the heart through VR is significantly more impactful than textbooks, models or videos.

Similarly, the ENGAGE education and corporate training platform for Oculus Quest increases learning retention and reduces training costs.


Event Planning Inspiration:

  • It’s time to “flip” the classroom from 2D to 3D and involve attendees in event content for higher learning retention
  • Medical/clinical, venue security or any other kind of technical training events can be more immersive with VR


Experience Creation

American singer-songwriter Harry Nilsson once said, “experiences are springboards to the imagination.”

As event attendees crave more unique experiences, these Oculus Quest applications deliver fun and interactivity:


Event Planning Inspiration:

VR adds a new dimensional layer to event experience creation – whether it’s to take attendees to distant locations beyond the realms of your event walls or sparking imagination by letting them try their hand at a new activity.

Virtual reality continues to be a hot event tech trend. Take inspiration from these top Oculus Quest applications to add new levels of visualization, collaboration, and interactivity to events.


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