Vernal Equinox Experience Spotlight


What an INCREDIBLE Vernal Equinox Experience we had at the Bently Reserve in San Fransisco, California. We were thrilled by the response to our launch of our new Virtual Reality Oculus Go while Natasha and her team at Entire Productions put together an outstanding event!

In our event spotlight this week, the team at Entire Productions has given us a glimpse inside the planning that created magic behind the Vernal Equinox Experience.

The idea behind Vernal Equinox to show the equality of darkness and light, death and life, winter and spring. We used the quote from this mood board to breathe the event to life. Everything was an example of the transition of darkness to light. The way the show progressed starting with moody, darker performances and elevated to bring, spring and colorful dances. The entrance of the building had a dark starry night room that you could pick food out of the ground (moss) from. As you walked along hallway of the Bently you found yourself in the contrasting room of the starry night, the floral explosion room. There you could find a lively photobooth, scented floral tattoos, colorful desserts, and a craft station.
The main hall was full of life and, in typical Entire Productions fashion, full of entertainment. We had painted creatures walking around, beautiful music from our DJ and live musicians filling the hall, aerialist flying through the air, and acrobatic and dance entertainment on the floor. There were 4 main performances that invited guests in throughout the night – each took place every thirty minutes.
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