Vendor Spotlight: Voila Event Solutions Offers Planning Tips

Christina Rene, Owner & Creative Director at Voila Event Solutions was kind enough to share her wedding planning expertise with us! Today’s topic of interest addresses the question and role of timing when it comes to planning your wedding. Does it pay to wait?

There is a misconception that couples save money by booking their vendors early on in the planning process. Let’s dispel this myth so that you don’t fall victim to the wedding industry “hype”. And I think we can all agree, it doesn’t take 18 months to plan a wedding.

So what should you focus on?

THE VENUE -This is the most crucial piece to your wedding, and should be checked off the list as early as possible. In fact, some venues offer “early bird” specials for booking way in advance (18 – 24 months), so take advantage and save some coins. However, this rule does not apply to all vendors in the wedding industry.

I’ve planned weddings two years in advance and as close as two months prior to the wedding day and i can tell you from experience, there is not much difference! The bride with more time wants to hurry up and book her vendors, and the bride with little time wants to hurry up and book her vendors. Every bride has the same goal.

PERSONAL TOUCHES – If there are special people in your lives or vendors with a personal connection to you, it is recommended that you contract those vendors sooner, rather than later. Not to save money per say, but so you can sleep at night. Your childhood pastor, that favorite DJ, the park you’ve had your eye on since childhood (to take wedding photos) — book those “must-have” vendors immediately.

However, here is where you can save some money. If your wedding date is flexible, speak to vendors about their “need” dates – seasonal dates that are hard to fill on their calendar. If your nuptials falls on one of those dates, or you’re comfortable with changing your date to fit their calendar, you have an opportunity to negotiate. Vendors are more than happy to offer large discounts if you’re willing to book dates that are typically less desirable. It’s a win-win situation!

SAVING MONEY – So you’ve booked all your vendors and have 12 months left before your wedding… getting stir crazy? Would you have paid less had you waited closer to the wedding date? It depends. There isn’t a definite “yes” or “no” answer, but I find that most vendors are more willing to negotiate when they have a better grasp of their event calendar. For many vendors that usually comes into focus on a per quarter basis. So, if your wedding is in September, don’t be afraid to wait until April / May to book them. Typical vendors that fall under this rule include – audio/visual, caterers, decor rentals and lighting.

It’s very easy to get wrapped up in the pressure the wedding industry creates. When you add on the pressures from your friends and family, your stress level can become as big as your to-do list! The key to balancing it all and (limiting the stress) is to have flexibility and prioritize. Know your most important wedding elements, and check them off your list early. But for everything else, fall back and reverse the pressure by leaving time to do the negotiating. The early bird doesn’t always get the best worm!

2caeba_26a5e02609d847f3b7e38e7314f81ba5From Pre-Law to planner extraordinaire, Christina Rene is a rainmaking event professional, whose career spans 10 years, 3 industries and a plethora of high-end brands. Now CEO & Creative Director of Voilà Event Solutions (a full-service events and hospitality provider), they supply boutique event spaces, planners and agencies with resolutions to their sales, creative and management needs. Their clients also include Public Relations firms, Event Planners and Brides in need of production and design assistance.


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