Why Event Rental Companies Rely On Event Floorplans


Countless details factor into planning an event which makes having a solid foundation during the planning process crucial down the line. “This is why Atlas loves creating event floorplans using Allseated,” said Heather Rouffe of South Florida-based rental company Atlas Event Rental. “Floorplans give us a bird’s eye view into so many of the important details that make an incredible event and allow us to guide our clients on how to utilize rentals in the most effective way.”

An event floorplan is a critical component in an event planning process and rental companies rely on the floorplan for many reasons.

Below are the top reasons Atlas Event Rental recommends event rental companies create floorplans for events.

Sets The Foundation For Planning 

The floorplan is an invaluable asset in the event planning process since it serves as a base for choosing the event design, ordering rentals, and collaborating with vendors. Floorplans allow event professionals and clients to better understand how the event will look, feel, and flow. Not only does this help manage expectations, but also allows vendors to offer suggestions to make any event a success.

Once clients have selected their event venue, it’s a good time to start thinking about and creating the event floorplan.

“When a client comes to us with a floorplan, it makes it really helpful in deciding what rental items to offer for their event,” said Rouffe. “With a floorplan, I can see that our newest bar would be the perfect focal point for your dinner party, or that placing the cake table in the open space next to the dance floor will allow it to be captured in the background of your professional images while you dance your first dance on your wedding day.” 

Floorplans Are A Source For Inspiration 

Having a floorplan with to-scale dimensions of the event space helps to generate ideas. “Maybe your venue offers a gorgeous view; a to-scale floorplan could inspire me to help you build small vignettes of seating for your guests to sit and enjoy their cocktails while taking in the scenery,” said Rouffe. Even the smallest details can have a big impact and also make an event more memorable.

Floorplans can also be helpful when deciding whether to use a traditional seating option like round tables for guests or create something more modern like large groupings or small vignettes.

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Valuable Assets Can Be Added

When rental companies create event floorplans, it becomes much easier to add valuable assets to a layout. Dance floors, for example, are a valuable asset in event design. Not only can dance floors transform a space and elevate the overall look and feel of your event, but dance floors can also be used to designate areas for socially distanced seating pods or highlight a special moment in your event.

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Enhanced Visualization

Using Allseated to design 2D floorplans with the ability to view layouts in 3D really helps rental companies to show clients what their event will look like in advance. Being able to showcase proposed layouts to clients makes it much easier and more effective to sell rental items, and finalize details. “Clients need to be able to visualize a rental company’s event vision and using planning tools like Allseated makes this happen,” said Heather.

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Venue: Perez Art Musem

allseated 3D event floorplan

Effective Collaboration

Allseated floorplans are collaborative which means everyone involved in the event can work within the layout. It’s easy for vendors to comminute their needs. Within the floorplan, rental companies and vendors can implement their set-up needs while being able to view the details from others involved in the event. A floorplan also assists the vendor team with ensuring that distancing is in place for safe event setups. Allseated’s physical distancing tool alleviates the stress of understanding how to arrange a socially-distanced layout as the tool automatically calculates the set distance to meet local guidelines.

Easy and Accurate Day Of Set Up

We like to require event floorplans for events so that our day of setup team understands the layout. With the ability to generate reports to list inventory combined with the floorplan for visualization, the day of setup is efficient and accurate.

Learn more about the vendor benefits of creating an event floorplan using Allseated in this article. 

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